Dragoncrest Cliffs [BWP P5] i took my love; i took it down
Random Event  October 28, 2019, 08:59 AM
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Wolves lived here, once.

The pack had long since fled, as had their rivals in the sound below. The coast was a nightmare, a waterlogged stretch of beaches strewn with debris and floodplains from the hurricanes.

Would it ever return to normal? Eventually, the earth may right itself — but for now, the Sequoia Coast wolves once knew and loved was no more.

The crumbling had been going on for some time, but a particularly strong series of waves coupled with the extant stress was too much for the cliffs. Rocks began to shower down, then boulders. The northern edge of Dragoncrest sagged into the sea, already weakened by the swollen river delta and soft silt nearby.

Trees went with the rocks, landing with thunderous splashes in the ocean shallows. Anyone caught in this maelstrom would meet certain death, crushed by the massive rockslide. Buried, never to be seen again until, perhaps, their ragged corpses surfaced elsewhere.

When the chaos finally ceased, much of the cliffs and their redwood forest still remained, but indelibly changed.

Sentient beings were not the only ones to suffer the effects of earthquake hell.

By Miryam