Offsite Servers & Courtesy
January 21, 2021, 12:16 PM
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Off-site Server Policy Update

As hinted, there is a second and final (for a while) piece to our updates.

A while ago, we made the decision that we would not enforce courtesy within offsite spaces.聽聽We made this decision for a number of reasons:
  • We do not join these spaces, so have no visibility into context
  • We do not want to police discussions that happen off-site
  • We were optimistic that, because members can choose to enter these spaces or not, we would not see many issues
This, however, has not been the case.

We've gotten a lot of very valid criticism recently that we do not step in enough and do not help when needed.聽聽As a result of this, we are stepping up our enforcement of courtesy guidelines.聽聽Off-site spaces now also fall under these new standards.

If you see discourtesy happening in an off-site server, from this point on, feel free to report it to us and we will address it.聽聽Not doing so protects members who are not representitive of what we strive for on WOLF.聽聽In any communication, in any space, remember that courtesy towards both members present and nonpresent is our #1 rule.

Our guidebook now states:
Quote:As a team, we discourage the use of private discord servers.聽聽They tend to divide the community and have historically resulted in a lot of ooc tension.聽聽While we have no intention to moderate (or even join) these spaces, the team will field reports of discourtesy from members and address them as necessary.聽聽Members should communicate with one another in compliance with our guidelines聽in all spaces, not just here.

Unlike the previous, this is an entirely new policy.聽 Because this was explicitly not in effect beforehand, we will only address reports going forward from this point.聽 If you run an off-site server, be sure your members are aware and are following guidebook expectations.