Duskfire Glacier if we are always the same
All Welcome  April 07, 2021, 01:41 PM
Duskfire Glacier
@Tzila perhaps? Assumed they very loosely know of each other, but can edit if wanted! <3

She trailed along borders that day. Refreshing her scent with the others, making sure there were no places that might invite a wayward rogue to infiltrate with ill intentions. She was aware that she was not naturally equipped to handle such a situation should it arise, but she could help out with the preventative measures.

Should something happen while she was out here alone? Well...she could call upon the others. Wintersbane, Rye perhaps.

That thought was paused as she thought she spotted someone up ahead. A familiar (-ish, perhaps they were one of the recruits she had not been introduced to yet) figure up ahead. Iana would let out a soft, light whuff to greet them. Perhaps they could pair up for the afternoon.