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Basic Info
Full Name: Toothless
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0 (January 28, 2012)
Birthplace: Montana, USA
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Profile of Toothless: Details
Ageless and androgynous due to physical developmental delays caused by immediate post-partum castration, it possesses a very small (26 in. x 4.25 ft. x 65 lbs.), sleek figure and moves with quiet, catlike quickness. Its smooth, jet black pelt and wide, lemon-lime eyes—especially coupled with aforementioned slithery tendencies—lend it an almost reptilian air. It posseses elfin facial features offset by large, bat-like ears. Its only markings are what almost appear to be permanent silver tear stains beneath each bright eye.
Although curious, it rarely makes a sound, even one of inquisition. It is aloof but simultaneously fearless. On the rare occasion when it chooses to interact with other wolves, it comes across as painfully shy, childish or completely feral—sometimes all three. It takes time and coaxing to win it over, but it can be as playful as a kitten with a ball of string when the mood strikes. Notably, it almost never ventures out during the daytime, instead skulking around under the cover of night.
Toothless's mother and father lived in two warring packs that competed constantly for territory, food and other resources. They met, courted and mated in secret, though of course Toothless's mother could not hide the result of their tryst. When their solitary son was born, the two star-crossed lovers were rousted and slain as an example to their respective packs. Toothless's maternal family allowed the puppy to live, yet made a very brutal point by castrating him not only to shame him but to prevent him from ever procreating in turn. Needless to say, he grew up as an abused outcast and developed a plethora of psychological issues accordingly, starting with glossophobia and eosophobia. Eventually, Toothless could cope with his existence only by withdrawing so far into himself that he lost all sense of personal identity, including any semblance of gender. It adapted to a mindless, feral way of life, which has actually offered significant relief from its suppressed former life.
Toothless does not acknowledge any relations, though it loyally follows <a href="">Tonravik Tartok</a>, whom it acknowledges only as its "Leader."
Profile of Toothless: Additional Information
Toothless does not identify with a specific gender, hence the character will be assigned the pronoun "it."
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