Profile of Adlartok: Quick Facts
Played By: Danni
Basic Info
Full Name: RIP: Adlartok Arrluk (Artok)
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Size: Large, Stocky
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 8 (July 10, 2014-January 18, 2023)
Birthplace: Off Site
At a Glance
Large, scarred and angry. But handsome in a rugged way.
Profile of Adlartok: Details
Artok was large and brutal. He bore vicious scars on his face and shoulders, walked with a permanent limp. Golden eyes look out of a pelt full of criss cross of gray and white hues, a mix matched majesty. A pelt of the lightest softest gooses down. There were darker gray guard hairs along his head and around his ears and they followed a slow, but lighter path as his fur traveled down to reach his toes. Though when he was not guarded his face showed intrigue and curiosity, it was most often be closed off and hidden. Tricks that he learned at his uncles knee. He limped and the muscles in his right shoulder were always tight.

Long/wide patch of fur on his back between his shoulder blades right behind his nape. Claw marks down his face.
As Artok grew his curiosity and happiness, depleted to make way for a serious and ambitious nature. His countenance was one of no nonsense. He strived regularly to be the best at what he can. He had a determined nature, and often proved everyone wrong about their assumptions of him. If he didn't do what he wanted, he was let down quickly and he was very critical of himself. Artok used to have a hard time expressing his emotions, as he had grown, it had gotten easier to both express and repress. It depended on the mood, despite that he was serious most of the time, and kind of mean. He did like to joke with those he liked, and he had a sense of humor even if he didn't always share it.
His mother was killed after he was born. He followed his uncle Sinaaq for a little while, but he soon was left behind. He lived with a she-wolf Miss. Scarlett for a time, but he left her soon after he turned 1. Just disappeared. IF he has any regrets it's that one.

He had left Miss Scarlett to her own devices. Determining that she was better off without him. Much to his chagrin on his return he found out of her demise soon after he left and her's was a death he mourned.

He found kin within Taktuq and Arlette both descendants of Scarlett. Who he now owns and allegiance too and a strange sort of familial love for.

Upon his return to the Teekon he also found himself ensnared in a love affair between himself and Baudelaire a young male not from here. He has a fondness for him, despite their huge age difference.

As Artok grew and learned. He found affection for the daughter of his war chief and at the end of his long life, he forfeited his so she could escape during a war.
Scarlett-Foster Mother
Baudelaire--Lover 6/19/2022-
Taktuk-Foster Niece
Arlette-Foster Niece
Pack History
The Saints (Private)- June 5th, 2022-
Profile of Adlartok: Additional Information
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Artok has a permanent limp in his front right foreleg.
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