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Basic Info
Full Name: Pietro Hircine Rochester
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 0.5 months (October 7)
Birthplace: Teekon Wilds: Blackfeather Woods
At A Glance
A rapidly growing child; stormcloud gray with beryl eyes and protruding fangs.
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Profile of Pietro: Details
While there are many things that seem promising about the way Pietro is growing, nothing about him now is very proportional or graceful. Stringy, malleable, and snaggle-toothed, the youth is greyscale in his entirety— the color of his fur ranging from a dusky granite to oyster slate— and his eyes are indigo, the blue and purple sky in the minutes surrounding twilight.
A stereotypical boy. His general expressions are: bored, smug, and irritated.
Pack History
Parents: Burke & Meldresi
Littermate: Kendra
Half-siblings: Sebastian (thru Burke); Damien, Cicero, Potema (thru Meldresi)
Blackfeather Woods — Oct 2015 to ??
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