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Basic Info
Full Name: Ukko
Subspecies: Mackenzie Val x E. Timber
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (May 18, 2013)
Birthplace: Ukon's Peak
At A Glance

they say Lucifer fell because he loved God more than all the rest
perhaps that is why i know that the way i love will destroy me too
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Profile of Ukko: Details
Ukko looks bigger and heavier than he is with broad shoulders and thick black fur suitable for winter. The summer months thin him out a little but he still holds an illusion there's more to him than there is. He is strong but built for speed, impressing others because he looks more like a brute force than anything. He has a few scars on his shoulders and hocks but his fur usually hides them and his eyes are a brownish orange color. Two fresh tooth-induced scars cross the top of his muzzle as well as an ugly scar from a gash above his right ear.
Pack History
Parents: Ukko and Akka Vaaja.
Siblings: Otso, Vellamo.
UKON'S PEAK 05/18/13 - 10/20/15
PHOENIX MAPLEWOOD 11/06/15 - 02/08/16
UKON'S PEAK 02/28/16 - 07/02/16
RYŪJIN 07/19/16 - 01/05/17
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Pronouns: They/them.

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