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Basic Info
Full Name: Ripley
Subspecies: Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 9 (November 13, 2009)
Birthplace: The Canyon
At A Glance
Agouti color and markings, average build, pale yellow eyes. Just about as average as can be - completed by a look of constant stoicism.
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There's really nothing remarkable about Ripley. Honestly, look up any stock photos of wolves on Flickr or Google and you'll find like 1,000+ pictures of Ripley. His coat is a mix of varying shades of brown, a bit of black here and there, and creamy tan along his underside. I can't even say anything interesting about his eyes. They're yellow. Not even brilliant yellow; just your typical murky, lackluster gold-ish yellow-ish whatever. I mean really; have you seen his avatar? Did I even try? Because I didn't.
I'm sorry, do you seriously think he has one?
If you ever met his parents, they would tell you the story of a pup who was born with more energy than a photon torpedo. Ripley embarrassed the big bang; made it look slow and lazy and like it was only creating the universe because it's grandma asked it to but it'd way rather go into its seventh straight hour of playing Pong on the Atari. Seriously, the Original Cleveland Jr. looked at this kid and was like "omg maybe ritalin really does have its uses".

But that was quite a few years ago. It seemed Ripley's youth used up ~95% of the allotted lifetime amount of energy, for as the years have stretched on for Ripley, his enthusiasm, imagination, and all-around "gusto" seem to have evaporated. When his pack separated due to a rift between his parents, Ripley went off on his own simply out of a desire to not be bothered with it all, and has managed most of his life as thus since then. He settles here and there when it works for him, and then moves onto here and there when the current here and there gets to be "too much", i.e. the beta doesn't like that the most recent recruit prefers fish over deer, it's raining too much in this field, aw shucks my den caved in guess I'll move across the country, etc.

When Ripley eventually crossed paths with a younger, far more charismatic wolf than he had ever been in his life, he took it upon himself to follow the wandering bard in his travels. The pair took on a younger charge for a short stint before she bailed on them for some reason (Ripley didn't care, and it actually took him like a week and a half to even notice), but there really wasn't much else to say about it. Nor is there really anything to say about his death, which happened on a completely average afternoon. His companion was in the middle of talking about some chick he'd banged the night before and Ripley had just laid down, closed his eyes, and died. Tru is super weirded out by it to this day.
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