Profile of Pema: Quick Facts
Mate to Shale
Played By: Raven
Basic Info
Full Name: Pema
Subspecies: Tibetan
Sex: Female
Age: 2 Year (6/7/2016)
Birthplace: Minnesota
At a Glance
[Image: asuna-yuuki-gif-9.gif]
Profile of Pema: Details
A beautiful young women, Pema's coat is mostly tan and light brown with accents of black, white and gray showing throughout. White fur frames her muzzle, underbelly and legs. A slightly larger then average female with a well built body. Not super muscular, but not slender either. Her nose is black and her eyes are an amber color.
Pema is a very loving and warm individual. A born mother bear. Often spending her time with the young ones of the pack or treating sick and injured member. Through her dedication and love of her pack she grew through the ranks and became a leader. Still improving on her dominance she works to be more assertive and go for what she wants.
*Asuna Yuuki is a current reference, not inspiration for Pema's character*

Ancestry :
Pema was born in Minnesota, not Tibet. Many generations before her, her ancestors were migrated by a team of scientific researchers to Minnesota from Tibet. The team relocated them into a reservation where they were studied to see how well they adapted to the change in seasons and climate. Eventually the pack adapted and began to thrive. With the packs growth the team allowed many of the wolves to branch off and become wild. Pema's ancestors were among the group of wolves released.

IC :
Pema entered the east part of Teekon and meet a few wolves along the way, but her journey truly began once she meet Howl or Morningside. | He recruited her into the pack and she eagerly improved her medic skill and befriended much of the pack. Growing especially found of the alpha's, Grayday's, kids Easy, Lavender and Dauntless. Becoming a second mother to them with the absence of their birth mother. | Through friendships and skill she worked her way up to be a leader of Morningside, along side Grayday and his daughter Dawn. | After many months of caring for an injured young male named Burr, Pema and Dauntless attempted to escort him home. But before reaching his home of Easthollow, Burr was murdered causing Pema great grief. | She stayed in Easthollow for a short while until Shale, Grayday's brother, came to retrieve her. While traveling back the two confessed their feelings for one another, but Shale pushed Pema away and said that they could not be together. | The two ended up mating on Pema's first heat, and through much hardship and revelation Shale promised that he wouldn't push Pema away anymore so they could be together.
Mate : Shale

Adoptive Children : Easy, Lavender, Dauntless

Children : Pending
Pack History
Lone Wolf
8/11/2017 - 9/8/2017
Morningside - Leader II
9/8/2017 - Current
Profile of Pema: Additional Information
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