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Mate to Pema
Basic Info
Full Name: Shale of Sameth-by-the-River
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: Deceased (01/17/13-8/20/18)
Birthplace: Southern Alaska
At A Glance
Fluffy gray wolf with deep-set eyes and a kind voice. Pretty badass, honestly.
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A medium-sized gray wolf with a very thick pelt, courtesy of life in the north. Dark amber eyes that once held a sparkle of humor but have since dulled from the stresses of life.

Though not the biggest wolf, he is quick on his feet with a sharp mind, traits which have helped him become an excellent warrior and hunter.
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"Keeps me searching for a heart of gold, and I'm getting old. . ."

ISFJ - Lawful Good - Capricorn

Shale is kindhearted to the core, but life, especially one as long as he's lived, has a way of wearing one down. He was once openly cheerful; now, he is fairly reserved, though not completely without smiles and laughter. The scattering of his family has left him ultra-protective of anyone he holds dear. He is soft-spoken, his voice a gentle tenor, but has an inner strength that shines through his actions.
Brother of Grayday and Sunspot, Shale was brought up with a happy life--at least, until things started to fall apart. Grayday disappeared before their first winter, and after a few seasons, Shale decided to strike out on his own as well.

In the mountains just to the south, he met Lucy, who, like Shale, had just left her family for a new beginning. It was love at first sight, and just a few moons after they had met, a litter of four pups was born to the young parents.

It wasn't long before tragedy reared its ugly head. A disease running rampant through the elk herds that roamed the mountains caused a famine, which weakened the nursing mother and took the lives of all of their children. Desperate to find a better life elsewhere, Shale took Lucy further south, looking for food--but he lost her, too.

In the throes of mourning, Shale wandered down the coast, looking for Grayday--the only thing keeping him alive was the thought of seeing his beloved littermate again. A chance run-in with an older brother, Murdock, made this possible, and Shale soon lived alongside his brother in Morningside, finally starting to heal from the wounds that have hindered him for so long.

He entered into a tumultuous relationship with the healer, Pema, which was consummated when she entered her first heat in the spring. They decided to make their love known and true, and in early summer, four pups were born to them--Timberlake, Radcliffe, Meadow, and Padma. Just as Shale's life had taken a turn for the better, a fire broke out on Dawnlark Plains.

Shale died among the flames while trying to rescue his missing son, Timberlake, in August of 2018.
Pack History
Mate: Pema (formerly Lucy)
Jack, Dove, Liam, Poppy (x Lucy, 2017)
Timberlake, Padma, Radcliffe, Meadow (x Pema, 2018)
Littermates: Grayday, Sunspot
Parents: Mud & Lark
Older Siblings: Murdock, others
Younger Siblings: Greeneyes, others
Other Relations: Dawn (niece), Sunny (nephew), Easy (niece), Lavender (niece), Dauntless (nephew)
Sameth-by-the-River - birth - Summer 2016
Lone wolf - Summer 2016 - Fall 2017
Morningside - Fall 2017 - Summer 2018
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