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Full Name: Adelaide Godot
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf (C.l. lycaon)
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (August 2, 2016)
Birthplace: Elsewhere
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A petite girl, at a glance she looks harmless but look into her ember-colored eyes and she might seem a bit dangerous, or at least more intense than the average wolf. Her creamy underside boasts the main color of her pelt, but a red-edged black cape wraps her spine and farther down her forelegs than most.

The perfect lines of her face are marred on the left side by subtle, crescent-shaped scars above and below her eye. A few other defects ruffle her fur around her shoulder and neck, but they're visible only when her pelt is at its thinnest. The only other one always visible is a scrape on her right leg.
Stubborn to a fault and beyond. Her belief is unshakeable and will likely always cause her problems through her life. Her unending curiosity and determination will almost certainly be more trouble than many will think she's worth. Combine this with her stunted social life and well... You've got a problem child.
Born to a lower-ranked pair in a fairly large pack late in the season, Adelaide got to watch her littermates fall one by one until she was the only who remained. Such things are natural, but with none but her parents to defend her and with them often sent to hunt or run other errands, Addie was pushed about by the alphas' pups and was shoved into the omega position as soon as she was of age. She sought power in her own way, and her abnormal way of expressing herself got her kicked from the pack not long after. She spent much of the warmer months bouncing between packs, sometimes trying to keep a low profile, other times not, but at this point, she's tired of lying, tired of wandering. Just plain over it.
Pack History
Lone wolf

        Swab - Feb 28 - Aug 25
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