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Basic Info
Full Name: Moonshadow
Subspecies: Grey wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (November 7th, 2016)
Birthplace: Quebec, Canada
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Profile of Moonshadow: Details
She looks exactly like her twin brother Nightstar black as the night sky, except for her eyes which are green/grey. Due to a fight with a male named Nikan, her right eye is slightly less vibrant and she has a scar near the corner of it.
Moonshadow was a typically timid young wolf who followed her older twin brother around. While he normally dove head first into a situation, Moonshadow assessed it carefully. As months went on, the wolf began to depart from her old nature as people she cared about were threatened, she has the heart of a warrior.
Began traveling with her brother Nightstar, she became injured and stumbled onto Morningside where she was helped by the she-wolf Pema. Although her brother had been trying to find a pack where they both would be together; they were without hope and finally settled with the last pack that everyone had told them to stay away from; Blackfeather Woods.

Moonshadow remained there when her brother disappeared, but that soon changed when she was kidnapped by a Shadow Mountain wolf named Nikan. Though after the pup Maegi was also brought to the treacherous mountain, she knew that it was time to leave. That day came when she witnessed Nikan attack the pup and she captured her chance and attacked him. Holding him off long enough for her to escape.

After the fight she returns to Blackfeather where she is tasked with finding the young one. Once she heals she sets out on her journey and meets a she-wolf named Laska. The ebony female was able to track Maegi down to Undersea but was unable to speak with her before she ran in fear.

Moonshadow returned to Blackfeather alone and began to become a shell of her former self, dwelling on her past misfortunes. As of now she has regained about 95% of her vision in her right eye.
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