Profile of Yizur: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Yizur
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (May 22, 2017)
Birthplace: A forest somewhere...
At A Glance
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Yizur is currently away. Reason: Schooling
Away Since: August 22, 2018 — Returns on: Unknown

Profile of Yizur: Details
Yizur looks nearly identical to her siblings. She has the same kind of fur coloring, she may end up getting confused to be one of her siblings, but Yizur doesn't see that. She has some kind of red-brown on her muzzle, and her nose is black, and she has brown eyes that look a little amber.

Yizur, being she is only a year old, kind of looks a bit small, well, smaller than her siblings, but she's growing as time passes. Eventually, maybe when she's 2 years old, or older, she'll be as tall as her siblings, but she may keep on growing. Who knows, really? Yizur is kind of tall, really, but not really tall, and she looks quite healthy.

Yizur is quite spunky, and super adventurous. She loves to explore, and loves spending time with her siblings, if she ever finds them, and she is also brave, and protective of her siblings. She slightly judges her older sister Grezig's views on wolfdogs, wolves who aren't heterosexual, or have mental illnesses, and thinks wolves and others like that are actually unique and stand out from the crowd.

Yizur is also very willing to defend her siblings from any kind of harm no matter what, and won't let anything bad happen to them. Yizur is also naive, and is open to making friends with others no matter what.


Eventually, Yizur will come to realize that maybe Grezig's prejudice of others may be a good choice, and she may start to have the same views as her. Yizur also may become a bit aggressive, but also super brave, and also not as naive, and may be easily skeptical about certain wolves, especially pale wolves. Yizur will also basically become an overall badass.

Yizur was born to parents Adarok and Broxirg in 2017, and she had siblings named Grezig, Uruuk, Zuruzog, Derg, and Zurek, basically a big family. She enjoyed hanging out with her siblings and loved to explore, and was upset when Grezig decided to leave. When Grezig left, Yizur decided to join her older sister a while later, living her life as a lone wolf.

Yizur began wanting to try and find her sister, worrying that she went missing or was kidnapped.


Pack History
MOTHER: Adarok
FATHER: Broxirg
SIBLINGS, 2016: Grezig(Female), Uruuk(Female), Zuruzog(Male), Derg(Male)
SIBLINGS, 2017: Zurek(Male)
MATE: n/a
LONE WOLF: Summer 2018, August 12th-PRESENT
Profile of Yizur: Additional Information
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