Profile of Soleon: Quick Facts

Basic Info
Full Name: Soleon Mathias
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 2 Years (10/30/2017)
Birthplace: Outskirts of Teekon
At A Glance
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Profile of Soleon: Details
Based with a humble cream the boy boasts a blanket of gentle auburn. His eyes are a piercing green and always seem to resonate with kindness and genuine concern. Disguised like a bandit Soleon's face is painted with a black mask--amplifying those aforementioned emerald-esque eyes. Extending from nose to face center a white divide across his features. His body is muscular, yet, not overly so. His height average at an easy 34" and weight a maneuverable 130-140 given the respective time of year and loner vs. pack status. Soleon fits the modest form of a hunter perfectly and only possesses mediocre talents as a warrior.
Soleon is a bit more of an extrovert. He's a great conversationalist, though, probably with an over enthusiastic tendency to give his input. He is quite empathetic and able to pick up on changes in mood and micro-expressions. [Within reason and always available for edits provided a post becomes uncomfortable for any partners] Soleon is loyal, ambitious, and extremely focused. He has an affinity for hunting and a passionate desire to learn with a decent study of medicine. Soleon is a neutral good character.

Soleon was born to a lovely healer of a mother and a daunting warrior of a father. Though built slightly more after his father his practices would take after his mother. Soleon would venture out to find his own way of life without much strife to liken his past to and optimistically enters Teekon.

Soleon enters Teekon and meets a few wolves. Journey, a particularly enthusiastic young woman introduces him to wolves that wish to create a pack together. Morningside. The idea is short lives as they all take their own paths away.

Soleon, saddened about his solitude meets Spook (warlock) who brings him to a pack called Legion. The healer happily accepts and enters Legion under the reign of Arbiter. While quite different than the wolves that live in the mountains he can't help but feel important for his capability.

Sphagnum Moss Used for dressing wounds. When packed into severe wounds they can slow or stop bleeding to allow for natural clotting. Easy to find year round, however, does not do well once taken away from a place of moisture. Soleon will regularly keep small bits on hand and always know where to attain more.

Valerian A root harvested to help with anxiety or to induce sleep. Soleon prefers to use this with those in pain or those experiencing stress-induced insomnia. He keeps this particular herb year round. Easy to store since it is a root. Easy to find.

Pack History
Soleon's parents are deceased
His brothers and sisters are unknown
He has no wife
He has no Children
L O N E R: May 2020 - Jul 2020
L E G I O N Jul 2020 - present
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