Profile of Odessa: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Odessa Déorwine
Subspecies: Yukon, Gray Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 6.5 Years (March 2014)
Birthplace: Outside of Kingslend
At A Glance
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Profile of Odessa: Details
Nothing special is to behold of Odessa's physique nor coloration. She is a woman of average portions both in height and weight and with an all around brown coating. Her brown coat is prodominately chocolate with lighter heightlights here and there which to her makes for a perfect 'Deorwine colored wolf', bringing her closer to her god. Her eyes are a very vivid yellow and with age she has obtained graying along her muzzle and throat. From the fires that destroyed her home she has adopted a chronic cough. Quiet fitting to her already raspy, smoker's voice.
A very motherly woman, serious and structured. Willing to do anything to insure the future of the Deorwine family. She enjoys tending to new mothers and the young, often serving as a pupsitter or wet nurse. Odessa is very intune with her religion, often making sure that the younger generations do not loose their path. Sometimes may seem pushy or overbearing but really tries to do what's best for her family. She is bullheaded and stubborn, unrelenting of what she defines as right and wrong.
Odessa was adopted into the Deorwine family at a very young age and adopted the culture quickly upon the High Elk's acceptance of her. At two she had given birth to her first litter, eager to become a new mother. Her taken mate not long after the pup's birth 'disapeared during a hunt' though in truth had run away from the family, pressured by the customs and new parenthood. Only one of her two pups survives to adulthood. Tragedy befalls her blood when her son's mate dies during child birth. Her son, seeking council from his God, is impaled by a great stag. Odessa, though sorrowful for the loss of her only child, thinks of this as a sacrifice to the High Elk and that their God had plans for her son elsewhere. Odessa then takes it upon herself to rear her grandchildren on her own.
Pack History
Mate: N/A
Children: Vega (d), Rayfe (d)
Grandchildern: Scythe, Auguste, Faust
*Note: Odessa, at her age, rarely ever leaves the pack territory lest it be landmarks directly next to it via the weir, basin or creek.
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