Profile of Kausiut: Quick Facts
Played By: Me
Basic Info
Full Name: Kausiut "Cow", "Quuu", "Kazz" Nuiruk
Subspecies: Wolf
Size: Small, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years old (9th August)
Birthplace: Moonglow
At a Glance
Kausiut has grown from being a tiny, sand-coloured blob to an uggly, one-eyed, crippled-pawed, gangly teenager. She is a perpetual frowner character.
Profile of Kausiut: Details
Rose gold pelt. One bright golden eye, wears an eyepatch over the other (microphtalmus). Three fully functional paws, one - with a hook (a congenital defect - twisted forepaw). When beauty was split between her and her sibling, the first got 99%, she got - 1%. As a teenager Kausiut has not become any prettier - she is leaner and physically weaker than her fellow puppies.
Kausiut is both a mystery and a living paradox.

On the whole she is not very social, not very amiable and lacks empathy. Her mind is calculating and very rational and she lives life on her own terms, taking rules into account, only when there is no other way.

She does not talk much and her capacity to understand, what's being said to her is hard to evaluate. It seems that she is a highly intelligent creature, who simply lacks motivation to utilize all of the skillset nature has given her. Or it might as well be that she has some mental issues that prevents her from fitting the norm.

She has a lot of self-confidence and does not consider herself as an outsider. Her mantra of life at present can be summed up as: "I did not have any friends in high-school and it was the best time of my life." (Quote from Dina Fox "Superstore")

Time from time Kau suffers from migraines and sees vivid visual hallucinations - something that her mother thinks is a sign of her being able to speak to gods, but what Kausiut finds unpleasant and annoying.
Born during a storm at Moonglow to Kukutux and Aiolus. An annoying and weird puppy in Moonglow village.
She spent some time with the Walrus hunters as a young adult. Returned briefly to Moonglow, but never quite fit in.
Disappeared without a trace during August 2023. Present location - unknown.
Mommy - Kukutux
Daddy - Aiolus
Sisters - Samani and Sialuk
Pack History
Puppy at Moonglow
Profile of Kausiut: Additional Information
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Art Credits
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