Profile of Noir: Quick Facts
Played By: The System
Basic Info
Full Name: Valenoir "Noir" Cruor
Subspecies: 50% Coastal Wolf 50% Timber Wolf
Size: Tiny, Lanky
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 2 years (August 5th 2020)
Birthplace: Outside Teekon
At a Glance
Tiny, black-and-cream female missing a piece of her right upper ear, with cream-colored eyes.
Profile of Noir: Details
Noir is as dark as her name suggests — she is mostly inky-furred, with dark cream unders; her eyes are also a deep shade of cream. She is missing a piece of her right upper ear — the symbol that ties her to the Cruors. She is a tiny female, barely 22 inches tall and weighing a measly 55 pounds.
Chaotic Neutral


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Birth to 1 Year

Born to a pair of loners with no surviving siblings, Noir lived a fairly rough and tumble lifestyle, until the Cruor family overtook much of the surrounding territory. To be allowed to leave in peace, Noir's parents were forced to leave her with the Cruors, around the age of six months.

Noir was subsequently raised to be the Servant of Violante Cruor, and the two swiftly grew to become close friends and confidants, though they had to keep their relationship private lest the other Cruors found out.

1 Year to 2 Years

Little happened over the next several months, though Noir was told by Violante of her growing discontent with her natal pack. This would start their courses to eventually leave the pack, deserting Violante's family and leading several other prisoners in an escape.

Eventually, Noir and Violante would be reunited in the Teekon Wilds, where Violante had started a new pack, Sacrarium. Noir joined her old Mistress, helping to raise her children. Over time, the pups no longer needed to be supervised, and Noir found herself wanting.

2 Years to 3 Years

Shortly after her second birthday, Noir came to Violante with her concerns, and she was given a promotion from Servant to Sacrarium's first Outrider — effectively abolishing the Servant rank for good.
Parents: Shaed & Dusk
Profile of Noir: Additional Information
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