Profile of Andr: Quick Facts
Played By: Raven
Basic Info
Full Name: Andromed Dorian
Subspecies: Wolf - Canis Lupus
Size: Large, Athletic
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 3.5 (06/21/2020)
Birthplace: North America - Pack of Doris
At a Glance
Vocal: Masculine Full Rich
Scent: Hints of Rosewood and Cinnamon

Profile of Andr: Details

An attractively handsome wolf exuding strength and chivalry.

Andr is a large male with a strong athletic build. Capable of outlasting racing herds and taking down sturdy-hoofed mammals. His soft coat is a bold breathtakingly warm medium brown and his piercing icy blue eyes quickly catch others’ attention.
Raised in a pack of females Andr was taught to be the ideal man. He values his ability to provide, protect, and treat women right above all else and holds himself and other males to a high standard. However, until coming to the Teekon Wilds his interactions with others outside of his pack, and males in particular, have been limited.

Let’s see how he fairs adjusting to more masculine surroundings and females that may be less than familiar with his genuine intentions.

Andr was born into a pack of women and never meet his father or knew much of who he was although he often heard of what he wasn’t. Andr learned not to ask about his father often but whenever he did throughout his childhood his mother denied him the full story.

Scarred by her experience with Andr father, Andr was raised to be the ideal man that his mother never had. He was taught to provide, protect, and treasure women above all else. He quickly took an interest in hunting as it was a direct and immediate way to provide for the women in his pack. Although he was a gentleman and cared for the others in his pack, he kept his heart tucked away at the encouragement of his mother.

As he matured, gained strength, and grew into a handsome man significantly contributing to the pack he gained the attention of several females come breeding season. He kept his distance but when a female of their pack sought him out against his wishes his mother decided to take action.

Despite being proud of the man he had become his mother decided he should leave their pack. Her full reasoning was kept from Andr but he knew she was doing what she thought was best for the safety of her son. He said goodbye to his mother and set off in the direction of the Teekon Wilds.
Pack History
Lone Wolf
Profile of Andr: Additional Information
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