Blackfeather Woods who killed the world?
Private  October 28, 2017, 01:19 PM
The Melonii
@Kotake (in which kotake tells vaati about that thing about charon, i completely forgot to start this sorryyy)

        He looks for his sister, who had disappeared rather quickly following Charon's arrival at Blackfeather Woods. It was something that struck his curiosity, that something quite odd had occurred to repel his eagerly awaiting sister from a revenge she had wanted so passionately. With careful steps, he traces her scent through the shadows of the dark woods, awaiting her company. Perhaps it had been something the Moonspear Alpha had said as he had not hesitated to run his mouth to his mother, he wonders if something had passed between Kotake and the dappled man who had walked with a confidence on the borders of Blackfeather that Vaati did not like. If that was the case it gave Vaati even more of a motive to feel as strongly in hatred as he did about those within Moonspear who clearly believed themselves to be superior to all else (as they had shown), when in reality, he had never even heard of their existence before they decided to insert themselves into other's business. No, they are not nearly as important as their Alpha made himself out to be. Whereas, Blackfeather had a reputation. One that would get them all killed, there is not a doubt in his mind, but one that made sure that they would always be remembered as a force to be reckoned with rather than a passing name in the wind. Perhaps he thinks more highly of the dark woods than necessary, but it is his home, and he knows that even if the Cerberus and all their other enemies choose to rain down upon them and smite them from existence, they will never be gone. They have done too many things, culled too many souls not to be forgotten. And that is why Vaati is confident that regardless of the outcome of his actions, they will not loose.

for the sins of the unworthy
must be baptized in blood & fear