Flycatcher Downs staying alive
All Welcome  March 10, 2018, 01:47 PM
I gotta post with her or she'll get dropped! Oh no! Glossing over my plan to write out her week long heat; she's just at the tail end of it now. Tagging for reference! Open otherwise. Maybe @Tantalus ???

        After her experience with the pale stranger (@Xan) Rheia had felt the need to escape and escape is what she did - seeking the cover of the trees and then, for an endless number of days, she hid herself away until the strange sensations inside of her body came to an end. She did not know why her skin felt so hot to the touch; she could not figure out why she was so irritable, or why she needed to run all of the time. For days she roamed, growing hungrier by the day, until she found the trail of something small but alive to chase down. The girl was no hunter - yet the experience of the wind in her fur and the break from the monotony of her lasting heat was enough to satiate some bestial side of her.

She just had to keep moving. There was a limp hare betwixt her teeth that she carried through the valley, around any scents of pack she found, going so far as to distance herself from even Sif; she knew where her sister was, and currently Rheia's mind was focused on herself rather than the other girl or her husband. She could return any day, she knew that. So instead of seeking shelter with the white wolf and his pack (Bearclaw Valley) Rheia moved further south until there was nothing but mountains, fields, and the howling spring winds. She felt invigorated, vivified by her run and the meal that dropped at her paws. She licked her lips and stared at the emptiness around her, and before diving in to the carcass, loosed a series of happy calls at the clouds.