Dragoncrest Cliffs i just wish you could feel what you say
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Lone Wolves

dalia had gotten lost. it was an honest mistake-- honestly. she'd been looking for more glass for her collection, the shiny pieces oh so wonderful and awesome. and you'd think that following along the beach would be an easy task, but apparently not. dalia had ducked into the woods nearby for cover after a particularly hot day, and to find fresh water, and then had gotten herself all mixed up direction wise. it'd taken her a while to find her footing, and by then she'd been gone from the territory for weeks. 

she needed to go home, and so she did, but dalia had made up her mind along her travels. how had she never been so far from the cliffs? well, she had, of course, but never this far. and especially not after that horrid man who maimed her mothers foot. dalia had never seen such beauty in her life, which was ridiculous, as she thought the cliffs to be the most beautiful thing in the world. she would return home, say farewell to her mother and father and baby siblings... 

and then leave.

dalia arrived anxiously at the borders she knew so well, and called for the family that she loved so dearly.

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September 16, 2018, 10:24 PM
Worry had come creeping in some time after Dalia did not come home. He didn't know how much was justified, or how soon he really should be worrying since she could have easily been waylaid by some route out there. He knew it happened, and while it was still mild weather it was probably the best time to be out before winter set in before much longer--while things were peaceful, despite this strange period of (uneasy on his behalf) resettling after so many of their own had left the cliffs and the puppies old enough to not need constant attentions too.

But, her call brought him out promptly and he was relieved to hear her voice. When he came loping into view, the dull ache permeating his shoulder be damned, he went right to her side. "Dalia!" he whuffed, glad to see her as he slowed up. His nose set to working overtime, and he tried to suss out any signs of strife just in case. "What happened? I was getting worried," he admitted, and really hoped nothing bad could follow before he tried to lick a greeting across her cheek.
September 17, 2018, 07:38 AM
Lone Wolves

"daddy!" her tail wagged as her father game into view, and she pressed herself against him as he moved to kiss her cheek. when she pulled away, her expression faltered, her ears splaying. "i just got lost, i'm not as good a steltrona as i imagined i could be," she admitted bashfully, but that wasn't what tugged down so gently at the corners of her mouth, "but, it got me thinking... and i think i need to leave drageda. there is more for me, somewhere else, where i can find what i'm really good at and.. who i really am. besides just... the wocha's daughter and a carbon copy of my mother." 

her gaze dropped, briefly, but she remembered herself and looked back up to dio with wide eyes, her brows turned up. what would he say? "and i know what it means, i know drageda law." would he think she was stupid? surely, any wolf that left such protected walls would think she was stupid.
September 19, 2018, 02:19 AM
The sound of his sister's voice lifted Dacio's charcoal ears, which were thrust forward to listen eagerly. He pulled himself upright with an excitedly sweeping tail and, unable to contain a series of happy yips for his mother, the boy scampered from Hougeda to rush ahead and greet his elder sibling.

"Lia!" Dacio cried out as he thundered onto the scene to find their father already present, and made to swing around the two adults in a loose ring before scrabbling to Dalia's side. He thrust his forehead against her slender forelimb in an affectionate shove before rearing up in attempt to lick at her chin - entirely unaware of the solemn announcement she made prior to his arrival.