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Lone Wolves

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The mountains are at his back, and he is far from everything he has ever known. His isolation brings him a slew of conflicting feelings; relief, loneliness, hope, and a crushing ache in his chest. Still, he doesn't miss the chaos of Morningside. Aditya and Dawn's disappearances had only solidified a truth the young Corten was already coming to accept — his home is changing into something unrecognizable, and he wants little to do with it.
So here he is — in a... field. Somewhere. And it's really cold. He sneezes, eyeing his new beginning with distaste. He wonders how his siblings are — if they've noticed his absence yet. He dismisses the thought a moment later; that's his old life. He doesn't have to care anymore. He doesn't care anymore. He doesn't.
October 14, 2018, 10:24 AM
Lone Wolves

They had been travelling a whole a month, thirty days and night's worth of distance was placed between them and their old pack. Nobody had chased them too far though what hurt most was their mother had chased them down and actually wished them well getting away from the corruption of Fierce Creek. Now Kaala, Lydda, and Ankuusa were alone. Calus had come too but he had vanished somewhere along the way, not to return again. Everything was different now and Kaala couldn't help but feel downright thrilled about it. She was the leader of their little trio of wolves at a year old and her best friend and sister both respected it, which was why when she said she wanted to slip off for some alone time they didn't protest.

So she headed off moving quickly to keep her blood flowing to battle the cold. She ended up in a field and looked around, spotting another wolf. A male at that, young by the looks of it. "Ey! Would you be able to tell me where I am and what's around here?" she shouted before moving in closer, head lowered and tail swaying side to side to show she meant no harm.
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October 15, 2018, 08:32 PM
Lone Wolves

His ears perk at the approach of another, though his expression quickly sours as his gaze settles on the red-furred stranger. For some reason, he'd half-expected Aditya or Dawn or — or his mother, maybe. Embarrassment swiftly morphs into white-hot irritation, and he can't help but roll his eyes at her question. Uh, no, He says, releasing an agitated breath through his nose. For some reason, his pulse is fast; he can't figure out why. He just wishes he could be alone.
Why are you bothering me? The boy demands after a few beats. It must be obvious he's lost — maybe she's here to mock him. The thought intensifies the venom in his honey eyes, but he doesn't say anything else. Part of him hopes if he looks angry enough, she'll just leave him alone.
October 16, 2018, 07:56 AM
Lone Wolves

Maybe it was the rolling of his eyes or the tone of voice he used but she immediately knew he was a grump. Still though, a simple "uh no" wasn't enough to set off her hot temper. Calus gave her all sorts of attitude to like a snarky answer so she was used to it. Then the male went on to ask another question, one that brought her up short a paw lifted up and face falling into a stunned expression. Bothering? She had asked a simple question. "If someone talking to you is such a big pain in your ass, maybe you should find a way to go deaf" she immediately snapped her apple green eyes flashing defiantly. "Note to self: these parts are filled with Anti social brats" she made the comment as she turned to leave to purposely try to piss him off and get him going. She could use a good argument and this boy got her temper boiling.
October 18, 2018, 01:07 PM
The Melonii
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The stillness that reigned over Neverwinter Forest was unprecedented. Not even in the most silent of nights did Blackfeather Woods seem so void and static, and although Damien would have thought those to be the best kind of places he simply couldn't help linking his experience in the actual void with the mood of his new home. So he wandered, slowly and silently he wandered from the forest to the south, then west and before he knew it he was yet again on a path to Greatwater. He wouldn't deny that the place had a magnetic pull to it, but he had spent enough time there in the recent moons, and when the distance grew too short to bare he decided that he'd had enough fresh air and turned around to find his way back home.

There Damien saw him. Lonely and lost, a young wolf wandered surely through the cold plains of gold like he had a purpose. Damien stopped to watch him for a second and decided: this kid had no idea where he was going. Damien had always had a special interest in young wolves, those he believed could be potentially malleable enough to fit into his idea of what the new generation of the brotherhood should be. A lone, lost pup like this one was, basically explained, a wish served in a silver plate. It was then that the young pup was boarded by another wolf, clearly older wolf, and their interaction instantly became tense.

Time for his entrance.

These parts are filled with way worse than antisocial brats... threatened the dark male with a low growl as he approached with somber, clearly aggressive theatrics directed towards the female. I would suggest being very careful picking your next words,. The pup, on the other hand, was on the other end of Damien's act. The dark prince stood like a wall between the two strangers, but his body language made it clear that he was defending the younger one from the red female.

October 18, 2018, 05:42 PM
Lone Wolves

Kaala stared the rude boy down until a man's voice grabbed her attention and she turned, tail immediately dropping between her legs. She was barely turned over a year old and she was a ballsy girl, but the sight of the handsome and dangerous dark furred male immediately warned her not to be stupid and impulsive as was the usual. Still though she lifted up her chin and while her eyes were diverted just to the corner of Damien's eyes so as not to challenge, they were hard and flashed with defiance "I don't want any trouble mister. I just asked him if he had any idea where this was and he responded very rudely. No trouble, no violence" she spoke firmly though when she fell silent she swallowed thickly, genuinely concerned that she had accidentally gotten herself into something she would come out of harmed.
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Lone Wolves

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He's ready to snap back, oblivious to the presence of the other wolf, but his voice catches in his throat quite suddenly; in his haste to bite out a reply, he'd forgotten to mind the fragility of his voice, the careful way he must use it now, and all at once he finds himself without a voice at all. Only a brief, choked cough escapes him — but he's saved having to come up with another way to answer when he hears the voice of another, and quite suddenly the man is between himself and the fiery girl.
He freezes, alarmed only for a beat until it becomes apparent that the stranger is on his side. Which is... confusing, but he's not about to argue. A chill trickles down his spine like ice-water as he watches the woman deflate, bringing frostiness to his expression; he can't help but feel disgusted by the sudden change in her demeanor, and maybe a little embarrassed at having to witness it. No trouble, she says — liar, he thinks. She could have left him alone, but she hadn't. It's clear the girl has missed an important life lesson — one that can only be taught through blood and tears, as he'd learned himself. Part of him almost hopes this stranger is here to teach it —
But that would be a waste, he thinks, straining slightly to see more of the man's features. He wants to know more about this dark savior, with his strange scars and blood-red markings — no, he needs to know more. There is a dark, dangerous aura around him — and if he could learn more about him, maybe he could have that, too. Maybe he could make strangers cower from him, and they'd all learn to leave him alone, and... well, he's certain he'd be more happy if the world would just leave him be. He tries to say something else — he's not sure whether he wants to tell the girl to get lost or address the dark-furred man, but it doesn't matter anyway; the words falter and die in another harsh cough, not sickly-sounding but brief and halting.