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this is not mandatory, and doesn't need to be a long thread. just notifying everyone to Nanook's presumed death and the bobcat

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It had been a rough 24 hours since he had found the cave. His hearth ached, throbbing in time with his steps as he journeyed to the top of the mountain they called home. The scene he had stumbled upon snapped something within the man. Nanook's scent mingled with that of a bobcat, and the blood that coat not only the snowy ground but also the icy walls. It turned his stomach as he thought of it. The scene replayed over and over.

He had crested the hill, his claws cracking the snow that had crusted over from the cold. Looking to the sky he found the sun blazing, despite the sadness in his heart. Tears threatened to escape. Nanook. There had been no bodies to find, and after searching for hours, Siarut had to conclude the cat had killed her. He felt so lost. It was his job to protect those within the pack, and he had failed. Not only had he failed his packmate, but he had failed to protect a woman he cared for deeply.

A sob escaped his maw, as he dropped his head. Huffing into the snow. He took some time to compose himself. Finally he lifted his head, and he released a howl. A sound of mourning, ans sadness journeyed throughout the territory. It was a vague notification of Nanook's death, the reason unable to travel through the simple song of a howl. There would be time to tell everyone what had happened to Nanook in person, for now he wanted to share the loss with the family the remained among the living.

October 15, 2018, 10:10 AM
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She had not been a fan of Siarut's for some time - for despite his claims, he had not acted as a brother should. Uki had not seen him since bringing Steele home and even then, their conversation was brief. It was not so unexpected that her loyalty should shift to Takiyok in his absence. 

Yet, she doesn't hesitate when the call comes.

Whatever animosity she felt towards him, whatever leftover hurt, needs to be left in the past. 

She did not know the dark lady well and now, she never will. It saddens her, this loss of something unrealized. Who knows what kind of friend she might have found in Nanook. 

All Uki knows, her pale paws leading her instinctively to Siarut, is that he needs a sister right now. 

That is how she comes to him, anything wrong between them forgiven. "Nanuk," the greeting comes, tiny and afraid of the grief in his eyes. 

A soft whine leaves her. I'm so sorry. 
October 16, 2018, 01:26 PM
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she was dead.

Tahani hadn't known Nanook well, but the news of her demise still left her shaken. how? she rose to her paws and began to travel, swiftly, toward her brother's howl. she knew how much Siarut had cared for the woman; the devastation was clear even in a far-off call. she was afraid of what she would find, on the other side.

the healer was good with physical injuries, but trauma to the soul was much harder to mend. upon arrival, she gave Uki a nod before pressing her nose, her forehead, against Siarut's cheek. "oh, brother," she whispered, tears blurring the corners of her eyes. "i am so sorry."
October 16, 2018, 06:16 PM
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Steele heard a sorrowful howl echo through the territory. When it hit his ears he was alert and curious as to who was gone. Worried but calmly he made his way toward Siarut. He had never seen the man upset before so this would be a first. As he neared he seen Uki and Takiyok along with Siarut and all looked sad. He did not know who Nanook was but still bowed his head and stood in silence for her death. 

He wouldn’t say a word unless he was talked too as he knew being hurt it was better to leave things left unsaid than to try to say anything.
October 28, 2018, 07:46 PM
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His sister's arrive first, and it nearly breaks his heart to hear their sympathies. He doesn't dare look them in eye, as his throat is suddenly sticky with emotion. Emotions he usually reserves for his quite moments alone. He didn't miss the soft whine of Uki, and her comforting nickname. Tahani closed the distance between them easily, and he took accept her nudging. Steele was the next to arrive, and although they were not the closest his presence helped to reaffirm his place among their family.

Taking a deep breath, he did his best to suppress the emotion that threatened to bubble over. Trying to find the calm that a leader was supposed to portray. "She's gone." He chocked through the dryness that glued his tongue. Giving a firm shake of his head, as he finally lifted his head to look at the three packmates that had come to his call. Siarut couldn't find the energy to translate, and hoped the Steele could decipher what was said.

October 29, 2018, 08:57 AM
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Tahani comes next, offering physical comfort and Uki subtly moves aside to allow her to reach nanuk.

Steele arrives shortly after, with silent respect and Uki glances to him with a slight nod. It means quite a lot that he's turned up for a woman he's likely never met, especially when he barely speaks their language. 

Moonlight optics shift back to Siarut as he verbally confirms Nanook's passing. Sadness pools there, for the lost life and potential and empathy for her leader's pain.

"May she walk with the ancestors in the spirit lands," she murmured softly, the traditional words of her former tribe's religion. It is a prayer, a prayer that Nanook will dance amongst the stars and lights in a land with no pain, no suffering. 
October 29, 2018, 08:50 PM
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Though he wasn’t familiar with the language when it was spoken he was sure it meant someone had past. It dipped his head and then let his feelings take over. He hadn’t been here long but that didn’t matter, Family was family and he’s apart of this one which made every one in the pack his unbiological family. A single tear dropped from his dipped head to splash on the ground.

He couldn’t imagine how Siarut had felt. Nothing was worse than losing someone close to you and that was something that Steele had experienced before. Just being with them he hoped helped because he wasn’t sure how to make this any better if there was any way to do so.
October 31, 2018, 09:39 PM
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Tunerk arrived upon the scene, worry clear and present on her face. Her youth disallowed for a facade, and the scent of Nanook, mingled with feline and blood—cat blood, her blood—caused a terrible feeling to take root within her. She did not quite understand, and looked to her elders for clarity, certainty. Neither wildcat nor Nanook were in sight. Claw marks, tufts of fur, blood—that was all that remained. What does this mean? Her deep blue eyes asked, looking to Uki, to her uncle.