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Border patrol.

The warhound set to the edges of the terrain with a low nose that aimed to gather any floating scents from passersby. He had hoped that there would have been more who would have sought a place in his pack; more who would have found themselves on his borders. The titan was not displeased with the group that had formed, for they were diverse and capable in many ways. He knew that their path to growth would be a valiant one, and would shine a positive light on the leadership within the pack. More than this, he wished to see how well his theory would work with how the pack had been structured. Time would be the only teller of that.

On lengthy limbs, the sea wraith prowled. He marked where he noticed the borders were weakest and then moved on to ensure that he could do as far of a sweep as was possible. The stretch of beach was no less breathtaking than it had been the day he had stumbled upon it. Surely, his father had been a fool to have ever left the slice of paradise behind.
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Lone Wolves


        Born a lakeside trollop— nestled low in the pines beside a crumbling rock-spine of grim cliffs— Quill had little to no experience with your majesty, the ocean. She had seen it before, from a watchtower's view, but nothing had thus far driven her to endeavor its beaches. Until she had gone several weeks without running into any of her three brothers, and a crippling withdrawal from their attentions began to set in, leading her to risk the venture of someplace new.

        She was still getting accustomed to walking in the cold, shifting sand when her nose caught a waft of fresh border-scent. The beartrap loped after the pungent smell, lip curling inquisitively as she spotted a massive skeleton-brand in the distance. Keeping her distance, and her muzzle into the breeze, she watched his actions for a moment, and wondered idly how good she would be in a fight on this terrain.