Lost Creek Hollow a silent knock at the door
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Over the morning, a fierce eastward wind blew across Overture Downs, taking plenty of snow with it. Though most flew haphazardly away, some stuck together. And then more. And then even more.

As night approaches, a large cylindrical monument of snow stands just past the edge of Lost Creek Hollow, each curve carefully shaped by the winter gales. It is much like one of Burger King's Cini Minis (now back!) except much bigger and far less tasty. Hidden within the ice crystals are dust and debris, traces of fox piss, and the occasional hardy insect (now dead!) carried along for the ride.

It is a bizarre monument that has sailed across the pack's border. How long will it withstand a warmer day or, more likely, the destructive fervor of an excited young wolf?

Written by @Lily

[Image: 640px-Snow_Roller_in_Rocky_Mountain_National_Park.jpg]
January 12, 2019, 11:56 AM
Lone Wolves

"WRUUFF!" Nunataq alerted the white, cylindrical impostor with a loud bark, implying it not to move any further, until she - the self-appointed guardian in training - approached and investigated it properly. It just took a little bit of time to prepare herself and do so as she had seen the big and important guys doing: confidently and boldly.

She managed to muster up half of those and half-way they melted away in the excited puppyish-curiousity. Her stride infused with importance gave way to coltish prance and with one final jump she was at it and was inspecting in from all corners, sniffing it up and down with constantly wagging tail, as she did it.

The brown cub was not so much bothered at, what it was and who had placed it there, but the gears in her mind were already ticking and clicking, searching for the best possible, practical purpose. First things first - she claimed it by leaving a nice yellow mark on one end and then for a good measure placed another one on the opposite side.

With this done, she did the next best thing - jumped on top of it and - oh, joy, what did she find there? A frozen corpse of a small mouse, which she wasted no time to extract from it's icy trap.