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Lone Wolves

They were bickering, again. Too weak to do much else, Bat closed her eyes and let her head loll sideways, enjoying the sensation of weak sunlight on her cheek. Despite the irate voices in the near distance, she drowsed. She only roused at the scent of fresh meat.

"I caught you a lil' somethin'," Ukulele said, smiling fondly down at the invalid.

-Thanks,- Bat signed, her throat still too raw for speech. She was pretty sure her rescuers now recognized and understood the sign for what it meant. In any case, the young wolf better known as Lele smiled and nodded.

"Daddy and Spur had another argument about you," Lele said brightly as Bat slowly rolled onto her belly and began to eat. "Daddy wants to keep you with us but Spur thinks we should drop you off with the nearest pack." Her voice softened, became a little said, and Bat stopped chewing. "She says that'll give you the best chance at recovery."

Bat carefully swallowed, then drew in a breath. Tambourine had been the one to pull her from the river, Larkspur the one to get her breathing again. Together, they'd dried and warmed her, drawing her back from the brink of death. They, along with Tam's daughter, Lele, had been looking after her ever since. She owed the three of them her life, for sure.

And she wanted to tell them that she belonged with the Redhawks, yet Bat hadn't been able to verbalize since nearly drowning. She wasn't much good at ptero, not that they'd understand anyway (aside from the very basic and universal signs, like the one she'd just used). By now, they'd traveled into lands Bat didn't recognize at all.

Spur's right, Bat thought. She tried to convey this to Lele. Much as she had come to love the party of three—despite the adults' bickering—she was still in pretty rough shape. She needed the support of a pack. The Redhawks would've been ideal, of course, but Bat sensed that they were very far away now, out of reach.

She ate a few more bites. When Ukulele curled up beside her afterward, Bat leaned gratefully into the warmth and fell asleep.

A few hours later, refreshed and restored as much as possible, Bat sat at the borders of a snowy hollow. Lele stood beside her and it was her peer who raised her voice, requesting someone in the resident pack's leadership. Tam and Spur had hung back to avoid causing any problems; neither they nor Lele would be staying here with her.

Bat pursued her lips, looking at her friend. They'd already said their goodbyes. But Lele stayed put, ready to speak for her where she couldn't, and appeal to these wolves to take in Bat and nurse her back to health.

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along came terance, who knew none of these wolves even though his player is silently squeeing to see them all around. he looked upon the small grey one, first, big ears and bright eyes to boot. she looked a little thin, maybe weak, terance couldn't quite gather her state just yet. and then to the other, his green eyes unable to hide the concern that laced them. they were young, after all, and though how young he couldn't tell, terance was a sucker for pups. 

"is everything alright?" he asked first, instead of his usual formal greeting, "can i help you guys?"
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Lost Creek Hollow
Nunataq had been hanging around borders as well, sniffing out tracks left by other adults and in a process of deciding, which one would she stalk today, when a howl echoed through the hollow and made her listen. There had been occasions, when she had heard a stranger's voice call for someone particular within the pack, and a prospect of intercepting someone new was the deciding factor. And off she went.

The big bulky guy, who had not yet made it in the Pepper Gang ranks, but still was liked and respected, was already talking to a group of strangers. Two were closer than the other two, she had spied in the background. She offered Terance a quick look of greeting and a wag of tail, and remained standing nearby, eager to do an inspection of the strangers of her own, once the guy had finished his.

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Lone Wolves

Ukulele must've sensed Bat's eyes on her. She turned, smiled in a way that could only be called sisterly. "Everything's gonna be fine. I'll make sure they look after you. Spur says she knows this place," she continued, turning her gaze from her companion back to the nearby hollow. "She said she grew up here, actually. She thinks you'll love it h—"

The arrival of a black wolf with green eyes captured both young females' attention. He reminded Bat of several other wolves, though she didn't bother trying to place them. Her silver eyes peered up at him, saying all the things she couldn't, though fortunately Lele was quick to give her a voice.

"Hi! I'm Lele and this is my friend, Fish. She can't talk right now because she had an accident. She almost drowned but my daddy and our friend saved her. We've been looking after her but we think she belongs in a pack. We were hoping we could drop her off here, with you. She needs more care than we can provide on the road." Ukulele was young—just a few weeks older than her—but Bat marveled at her charm and eloquence.

Bat bobbed her head to corroborate Lele's tale. She smiled faintly at the ironic nickname, given to her by Lele after her daddy had fished Bat's freezing body from a break in the river ice. There was so much more Bat would've said if she could, though she was not only mute, she was also weak. Once in her life, she'd been lackadaisical for the hell of it; now, she truly didn't have any energy to spare.

"Hello!" Lele piped up again, drawing Bat's attention to a second wolf, who looked to be about their age. "I'm Ukulele—Lele, for short—and this is my friend, Fish." Tambourine's lookalike smiled warmly, nudging Bat with an elbow and mouthing, "They seem nice!"

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"Common language." "Trigedasleng." -Ptero.-