Blackfeather Woods unpack my heart with words
All Welcome  June 22, 2019, 07:27 PM
she forges ahead, mother somewhere at her rear. she's grown to become found of exploration more quickly than most; this in large is driven by her mother's restlessness and refusal to remain confined for long within the glen. she is steered carefully away from the worst parts of the territory - the hallucinogenic glade, the mire, the great ravine, and finds joy in all the rest. 

she is aware, suddenly, that her mother and sister are a greater distance behind her than she thought, and for a moment pauses. a shadow pulls itself then from the others, and draws near pointedly. she is entranced and has yet to develop wariness in the face of strangers. they watch each other for a long moment, and she meets the man's stare with one of her own. in her mother's absence, her sister and her occasionally hold staring contests, and they come into use, now. but the sound of her sibling and mother approaching grow audible, and she breaks away from the shadow's gaze to peer back at where she expects them to soon appear. her mother chuffs a command for her to stop, and when she looks back, the man is gone.