Arrow Lake weightless like a wayless beast
All Welcome  August 15, 2019, 04:11 PM
Sunlight had become something that frequently inspired naps from the dark young child. The longer he spent roasting beneath the touch of clear blue skies and shimmering golden rays, the more he felt his body relax. The sickness had been challenging for Trench. He had struggled to find his strength when his symptoms had subsided, but it had been nearly a week and he had found a way to battle the invisible beast and emerge victorious.
Clouds wheeled overhead, blanketing the sky in a dismal and pale grey color. Trench stood just at the mouth of the family den with a thoughtful expression. He sniffed the air, testing the scent of it, and took a few paces forward. Near the den, there was a large tree that provided a wide blanket of shade for the earth below. Trench positioned himself in the shade of the tree and lowered himself to his belly. From there, he watched the clouds chase their way across the heavens.