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Black Hat

He stuck close to the plateau now with the two followers he'd gained, though Black Hat still ventured out to neighboring land, for three did not make a kingdom. Of course, he didn't expect to bump into wolves left and right, so he spent much of this time hunting to bring back food and fill caches.

Snow seemed to fall endlessly here in the winter, light as it was now. So far, there were no signs of life, but he continued on in his search, determined not to come back empty-handed.

Within the dark, he s͎͇̲͎̪͂͒̉͂̐t̤͈͉̱̝̍͒͊̚̚͟͡r̢̧̜̞̔͐͋̅i̛̖̜͎͍̫͍͆͐̈͞͡ǩ̩͉̈́͜͞e̝̭̩̔͂́s̘̘̓̍͗͜
10 hours ago
Lone Wolves

His wounds ached. They were swollen and angry without the care of a medic, yet another reminder of the fact that Alarian was no longer his. The last time he had been hurt like this, Alarian had treated his wounds and his pain, and now he struggled to even remember one single plant that he used. But he had never asked any questions, probably because he had assumed that his mate would be in his life forever. But he was gone and the beast was left alone to fester in his painful wounds and his painful memories. The frigid water in the creek had offered some relief from the aching but he had not been able to soak in the chilly water for too long. 

Now he wandered slowly through the meadow, his neck throbbing once more with all the movement. Pain was something he had lived with many times, though. And he was always surly regardless. He wasn't exactly sure what he was looking for. Hunting was not something he felt up for right now, but since he wasn't hungry, it didn't really matter. It wasn't long before he realized he wasn't alone. A man moved across the meadow. He moved with purpose just like the other stranger, and the beast was envious of that too. Only this time Midar did not feel up to punishing this stranger for having something he no longer had. So instead, he watched from where he stood, careful to hide any signs that he was in constant pain in case the man noticed him.

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