Neverwinter Forest Hold on to me, never let me go.
All Welcome  August 02, 2020, 05:55 AM
Bǎo Bǎo
It wasn't fair.

Uprooted so suddenly from her home to be trailed through foreign territory beyond the water, Luli struggled to adjust to a new environment. The weather was about to change, apparently, but how was anyone to know? No rain had come, not even any dark cloud or distant thunder.

She followed carefully and hesitantly with a tucked tail, but did not wish to question her mother's decision. Far away from the comfort of the land she'd been born to and surrounded by new faces, the littlest princess felt very afraid.

Luli, assuming she'd been left alone by her bolder siblings, dared to venture from the new resting place their mother had chosen for them. @Daiyu was likely nearby and the koi's bright eyes looked for her as she lingered at the threshold of the den, but could see no sign of the dark puppy-sitter. 

August 02, 2020, 08:43 AM
Neverwinter Forest
        there were new people here: some of them young, some of them old — all of them unfamiliar. liliana didn’t care to meet any of them, but wanted to leave the den, if only for some fresh air. 

        neither @Asmoses nor @Miriam were warned of her sudden absence; the former had proven himself not of light, and the latter was simply too present in the girl’s life. she needed space away from them both, even if that meant getting into some trouble.

        in the distance, she could a spotted form poking from the entrance of a once vacant den. was this one of the new members? liliana slowed her steps and tucked her tail, not wanting to catch any unnecessary attention.

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