Wheeling Gull Isle and the sea isn't green
All Welcome  March 29, 2021, 11:00 AM
he had never seen so much water in his life. and the fishing—!

cam missed neverwinter forest every day, but the ache was beginning to subside, at least. the many boons of the island did wonders to alleviate that heartsick. there was constantly something to do, to see, to explore. . .he never wanted for anything.

if it had taken the world to fall apart around them to bring them here, then perhaps it was all worth it.

no, he chastised himself, strolling along the beach near the dark line where the earth grew wet and the waves rolled in. he may be benefitting from this new home, but to think that what had transpired as of late was fortunate was. . .callous. mal had lost so much, after all. he had seen die a world he'd brought to life.

it was easy to lose one's head in the newness of it all, and forget all the hurt that mal and others had endured. easy, but not right.

cam stopped, beginning to dig at a glimpse of a shimmer, even in dull, cloudy light. he emerged with a half-shell, clutched ever-so-gently in his mouth, his muzzle and paws liberally coated in white-gold sand.
Yesterday, 11:04 AM
The sound of the waves crashing against the shore could be heard anywhere in the territory. The serenity of this place was more than enough for anyone. It was like being on vacation every day of your life. Besides upkeep there was nothing like work here, that’s what Elixir loved the most about living on the coast. 

  There had been new faces around for a little while now but Elixir had only met one of them. The wolfdog had certainly kept her distance from the others in the pack. The shadow had decided to take a stroll on the beach and listen to the waves. Up ahead she noticed a dark figure and decided to investigate slowly. The woman came upon Cam in all his glory, sand on his face and all. For a moment she cocked her head and wondered what he had been doing. A small chuckle came from her maw, ”hello” she called out to him. There was still a distance that separated them.