Profile of Wintersbane: Quick Facts
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Master Warrior
Mate to Tzila
Played By: viz
Basic Info
Full Name: Wintersbane Duskfire
Epithet — Tundrian
Subspecies: Mixed (coyote, northern rocky mtns., mackenzie valley wolf, etc)
Size: Large, Muscular
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years (April 1st, 2017)
Birthplace: Hideaway Strath, Teekon Wilds (Teaghlaigh)
Bloodline: Fearghal-Ansbjørn
At a Glance
Profile of Wintersbane: Details
Wintersbane is a mirror (albeit masculine) image of his mother with only a few differences. A tall, heavy hitting boxer's physique with thick, impressive musculature to match that rivals his tundrian ancestry. His pelage is naturally plush and has darkened to it's final transition: a silvery-black with a sheen that looks blue in certain lights that fades to ash grey down his ribcage and stomach, with a solid black face, accented by frosted silver floof. He bears black stockings broken by frosty silver mittens. His eyes are sharp glacier blue.
Scars Not Pictured: wedmarks made on his ribcage; thick crisscrossing lines to form a shape that resembles an 'x'; jagged path of scar flesh from from left hip to knee joint.
VOICE — ( x ) described as a smoky reticence of a whisper: raw and rasping.
fur coloration + pattern model 」|「 references i, ii, iii

(n.) a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past
a mosaic of stained glass pieces from a church that has long since crumbled to ruin. ares-like; encased in polished marble. at times? just as cold as the glacial marble he is carved from. war weary and battle sick. filled to the brim of yearning, yearning, yearning...of wanting and ignited with a fire that refuses to die. of fight. of hope, despite it all.

give me a hero.
i'll write you a t r a g e d y

MATE Tzila
CHILDREN Quellcrist ( 2019 )
Naoyuki* , Sullivan* , Miwa* ( 2020 )
Wayfarer , Veteran , Arius , Ensio , Makatza , Indra III *, Abel * ( 2021 )
PARENTS Arturo x Lotte
SIBLINGS Mallaidh , Eirlys , Ceallach
EX-LOVERS Relmyna, Andraste

* — unknown by wintersbane
Pack History
duskfire glacier — 「 est. 04/11/2021

— 「 earned 07/23/2017
↳ warrior「 12/15/2018
↳ master warrior「 12/25/2019

teaghlaigh, blackfeather woods v1., moonspear, blackfeather woods v2., swiftcurrent creek, asterism grove, courtfall , sagtannet , rusalka

denotes leadership
Profile of Wintersbane: Additional Information
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let him be king
of  a s h e s—

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