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Blackfeather Woods

Basic Info
Full Name: Wintersbane
Birth Name: Roarke Altaer Fearghal-Ansbjørn
Former Alias(s): Drogon, Kahlil
Subspecies: Mixed (coyote, northern rocky mtns., mackenzie valley wolf, etc)
Sex: Male
Age: 1 year (April 1st, 2017)
Birthplace: Hideaway Strath, Teekon Wilds (Teaghlaigh)
At A Glance
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Profile of Wintersbane: Details
war stalks proud. he is bane of mortals, butcher of men,
— s.r. | at the plains of troy

100% health
Part 1 — or is it 2? — of the mitten twins. Wintersbane is a mirror — albeit masculine — image of his mother with only a few differences. A tall, heavy hitting boxer's physique with thick, impressive musculature to match that rivals his tundrian ancestry. His pelage is naturally plush and has darkened to it's final transition: a blue-black that fades to ash grey down his ribcage and stomach, with a solid black face, accented by the frosted silvery “winter” mane. He bears black stockings broken by frosty blueish grey mittens (the same color of his mane). His eyes are sharp glacier blue. Wintersbane is handsome but vain af.

fur coloration + pattern model 」|「 references i, ii, iii

VOICElisten · described as a deep, husky timbre; the richest whiskey steeped in smoke.
i’m a cobra and the gods help me unscar my skin and swallow my heart whole and eat men alive. —Melissa Lee-Houghton (x)

who even knows anymore. he's exactly who he needs to be at the time. it's like a mystery box: never know what you're gonna get when you open it. might bite, might be extremely pleasant. arrogant. humble. a complete asshole or a really nice guy. not knowing is half the fun of the mystery. ;-) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

personality relied on a vault of heavy veils, every word spoken in masquerade; a costume change for every brief encounter. —Celestial Dynasty (x)

fearless child, broken boy; tell me what it’s like to burn. oh darling, even rome fell · p.s.

♔ — significant events are listed directly before
his short departure from the teekon wilds ( circa 2018 )
and following his return thereafter.

i 」— Early May Roarke dreams of Lotte and heads bravely forward on a path of self discovery. perspective shift (i)
ii 」— Mid July Roarke abandons Moonspear, leaves the Teekon Wilds for a bit and returns under the moniker of "Wintersbane"
iii 」— Late August Wintersbane stumbles across an injured Tywyll, heals him and takes him home
        ↳ Meets Astara and is lured back to BFW's ranks
        ↳ Attends a rite for BFW's deities. perspective shift (ii)
iv 」— Late September Wintersbane begins dark brotherhood quests to earn the initiate rank.
        ↳ Reunites with his sister and the two fight.
v 」— Mid-October a captive is taken. Wintersbane approaches her and tests out his deception skills. Hears Mephala's voice for the first time.

coming soon!

Pack History
PARENTS Arturo x Lotte
SIBLINGS Mallaidh , Eirlys , Ceallach

please note that only immediate blood relations are listed. he's got a handful of half siblings courtesy of arturo & several relations in the ansbjørn line via lotte. 「 fearghal family tree
[Image: blackfeather-woods.png]
        ↳ 「 epsilon ⇀ delta ⇀ gamma

— 「 earned 07/23/2017
        ↳ warrior「 on hold
        ↳ master warrior「 on hold

— 「 in progress
        ↳ sitter「 in progress

teaghlaigh, blackfeather woods, moonspear
Profile of Wintersbane: Additional Information
10/10 threads

he never let anything get in his way. resilient.
a fighter, not by choice but a warrior at heart

「 wintersbane is bilingual speaking "common" and tundrian. tundrian is finnish provided by google translate. in an effort to include it more into wintersbane's posts/spoken language it will always be italicized with a hover-over providing it's english equivalent. 」


(hover on italicized words for translations & details)

tienraivaaja, talvella, sotapäällikkö, soturi, thespian, titan, tundrian, leijona, selkäjakaja, wip~
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and that was the thing about him.
he kept on surviving
with bullet holes in his lungs
and knife marks etched in his back
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