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Having tasted adventure beyond the vale, Sylianos soon found himself craving more. After a morning of impatiently hunting with his mom, Sylianos broke free of Epoch's claim and headed north, toward the jagged collection of mountain peaks comprising Porcupine Ridge. By far the most serrated mountains in the vale's immediate vicinity, the ridge was foreboding by appearance alone, and it wasn't long before the juvenile learned just how tough it was to navigate such toothsome terrain in the rain.

He sought a sturdy looking rock for a foothold, misjudging how slippery it would be with so much rain pouring down. His paw slipped on the slick surface and twisted to the side. With a sharp yelp, Sylianos fell. His chin hit the wet dirt first, teeth chomping together on impact and narrowly missing the tip of his tongue. He slid a short way down the slope, collecting scrapes and bruises from the rocky ground as he went.

When it ended, Silly groaned and sat up. His ankle protested, but held his weight. That was a good sign, he reckoned, but the dirty look he shot up the mountainside suggested he was thinking twice about continuing his journey here.
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While he was fed, the wolves who'd rescued him seemed quite busy. He could smell the scent of another puppy and the scent of milk, but never had he dared go anywhere near the matriarch's birthing site. Through facial expressions and gestures he read that that area, for him, was off-limits. And while he wanted to play and integrate himself into the pack, he still felt that he didn't belong. Communication had always seemed so difficult, though he could see the others moving their mouths and communicating perfectly well. Why couldn't he do the same?

So he left. 

He wandered off into the wilderness much in the way he had before, though he would be more careful this time to watch out for the scent of cougars. His travel went well, until the rain started to pour. At that point, he began to fall prey to the same difficulties as the other youth, and found his paws slipping from beneath him as the ground became wet and began to crumble. His heart leapt into his throat when he slid a few feet down the slope, and began to cling to a ledge that was just big enough to hold him. 

In the rain he shivered, hunched, and hoping the rain would stop soon so he could find his way to a better place. It was only as he lay there that he looked around and noticed another young fellow- dirty and favouring one paw, indicative of a fall. Picking himself up on trembling legs, Donnie began to make his way carefully down the slope, eagerly hoping that he might have finally found himself a new companion.
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His dirty look landed on a boy. Through the thick curtain of rain, Donnie had been invisible where he clung to the mountain, but now that he was moving, Sylianos smoothed his features into something more friendly. It wasn't like it was this guy's fault this mountain sucked goat testicles.

No way was Sylianos about to climb any higher to meet Donnie halfway. He remained where he was with bated breath, hoping the other wouldn't lose their footing and take a painful tumble. Hey! he shouted when the boy was within earshot. From here, it was hard to tell what color Donnie's fur was supposed to be, but Sylianos guessed he was white once upon a time. He couldn't imagine how bad he looked, all wet and muddy and knocked around from his fall.

You stuck up here, too? Sylianos called out against a cutting gust of wind. He shivered. Do you know if there are any caves?

Despite the initial friendly approach of the other boy, a loud clap of thunder made both wolves' hackles spring to attention. Misreading the situation, even though he had reacted in a similar fashion, Sylianos second guessed his decision to reach out and turned instead, beating as hasty a retreat down the mountainside as his injury would permit. Hopefully the other boy would be okay, but it wasn't his problem.