Seelie Court Pack Summary

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* The Faerie Court *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Hushed Willows · "A light sea breeze mixes with the warm air of the valley to create a lush, thriving environment that is home to a vast quantity of weeping willows. Their long branches sway gently in the wind, brushing their leaves together to create a hushed, whispering sound that gives the area its name. A number of prey animals make their homes within the base of these willows and can often be found hidden within the grasses or beneath the veil of leaves. This area is quite tranquil and makes for an excellent retreat." Territory description by Iqniq.
✧ Ongoing Events ✧
— A possible war is brewing in the mountains, and Seelie Court and its allies are coming together to stand stronger.

Orlaith has started the Honeyed Sabers and declared herself Queen Bee, she's now searching for warriors to join her just cause.

✧ Border Regulations ✧

This pack only allows IC joining. To join, simply make a thread in this forum, use the joining thread icon and tag the leader(s).

Trespassers will be given a warning and a chance to flee. Staying within pack territory following this warning will result in non-consent rules, meaning landing hits and inflicting injury short of death are permissible without explicit permission. One serious injury required if staying past two rounds.

✧ Quick Updates ✧

15/08/20 · It is time for celebration! The court has acquired a fresh batch of faeries, tested and pure.
26/07/20 · Our claiming howl rings through the forest over here!
26/07/20 ·Seelie Court is live!

✧ Allies and Enemies ✧

Reneian Empire
Whitebark Stream

'The Saints'
9 Members
Founded on July 25, 2020
Managed by Lumiya
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