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Rivenwood is best approached from the westerly direction of the wetlands, where a wind-scoured archway of stone leads into the territory. Bordered on all sides by stout pillaring mountains, a creek follows gentle hills to the proud lake at its core. In the warmer months, effusive grasslands invite a multitude of rabbits. Noctisardor is a jewel against the rugged terrain of the valley and fed by cooler winds from the taiga, self-sufficient enough to warrant much exploration.
This pack is territorial, and while an attack may not be the initial reaction of a wolf from Rivenwood, trespassers will sustain at least one injury if they cross the borders uninvited.

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SAPPHIQUE 鈥 Unfriendly
LEGION 鈥 Enemy
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Founded on February 02, 2020
Managed by Mahler, Praimfaya
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