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Basic Info
Full Name: Slade Nightmare
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 years (Oct. 31 2011)
Birthplace: Nightmare Elm
At A Glance
A terror to anything below 3 feet.
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Profile of Slade: Details
[Image: 2u4ii9s.png]

This massive male holds ethereal ebony in his dense, and thick pelt.
Shimmering obsidian features, muscle, long limbs, fearsome ivory canines, and a strong bite that is rumored to be edged with poison.
Placed on the front of his skull, two gleaming golden orbs that hold shards of fiery orange within.
Build of one who knows what battle is, and most likely will not lose.
Has bite marks from a foe at the start of his massive shoulder, and a single slash over his right lid.
Has the gait of stealth. Regal though silent steps, for such a large wolf.
Tall height, balanced weight, honed muscular build...

Slade is a killer.

[Image: k2ehhx.gif]

The man doesn't consider sympathy to be an option for any besides the wolves he's sired. Recently,(5◆12◆2016) Slade has taken a pup by the name of Makaro under his ruthless wing.

Whenever it suits him, he will have patience, but whenever he is pressed, that patience evaporates.

Not one to trust. Gotta work to earn his respect.
This dark king thrives in playing mind games, and excells at trickery.
Not saying he does it on a regular basis, but its a favorite hobby of his.

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[Image: n13tw5.jpg]

Slade Wilson was a murderer. He was informed of the affair between his mate and the Beta of the pack he ruled, and managed to murder them, both.
Apologies weren't an option, at the moment.
Deciding to be a mature wolf, he left Nightmare Elm, and traveled ridiculously far, just to make sure he didn't kill anyone else.

And made it to Teekon Wilds.
Pack History
Parents died of old age.
Siblings never existed.
Wife, dead.
Kids weren't his.

Has no current mate.
Sired no pups.
Currently raising Makaro
Alpha of Nightmare Elms_

Lone Wolf-2017
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