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Basic Info
Full Name: Buffalo
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (april 2nd, 2013)
Birthplace: Hellthicket
At A Glance
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Profile of Buffalo: Details
Buffalo is identical to his twin sister Byll save for his eyes. His right eye is the color of a lake caught in winter's spell, and his left is the shade of firelight. ( #f6fefd  #ffce00). Byll's gaze is opposite his own.

His pelt is purest white, stained with fresh blood from his kills, and perhaps from his own flesh; Buffalo strives for the vibrancy his sire disdained, keeping the fur of his face and withers stained in brightest crimson. He is a lithe beast with clear strength, midsized.

He is a charismatic, smooth-tongued sort, once never far from Byll, whom he guarded jealously. Yet there is a malicious and cold air about his eyes, and his frequent smiles do nothing to alleviate this appearance., nor the uncanny sense of 'not quite right' he carries.

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Born to a madwoman at the beginning of spring, the twins were reared in chaos. Clarice was equally as cruel and neglectful toward her spawn as she was doting; their fate from day to day depended upon her mood.

When they were six months, the spirit-addled woman abandoned them permanently, following the voices ever present in her mind. Buffalo assumed the role of caretaker to his fragile sister, and between the both of them they were able to keep themselves alive during the bountiful spring and verdant summer.

The second half of their lives they roamed, coming briefly to the Teekon Wilds, but Byll disappeared from the land some time later, and Buffalo followed when Malice abandoned Moonlit Hills.

He returns in March of 2018, seeking his wayward sister again.
Pack History
Their mother is Freyja "Clarice," and their father is Lecter.

However, the event that precipitated their conception was believed by their mother to be Sos' manifestation unto her, and so she has never told them of the shaman's role; Buffalo and Byll have been reared as the children of the Dark Bear, and they recognize no other father.
LONE WOLF - present
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