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Full Name: Alo Catori
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (January 10th)
Birthplace: Mapiya
At A Glance
Silver and slender, bright green eyes. No noticeable scars or marks, she moves with an easy dancing grace.
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Profile of Alo: Details
Soft silver with a white underbelly, cheeks and throat, her body is highlighted by light creamy brown. Alo's eyes are bright apple green, and she has a cream face mask, feet, ears and tailtip. She stands 30 inches at the shoulder and weighs a slight 110lbs, and is 6ft long.
Gentle above all else, Alo follows a philosophy of charity and mindfulness &mdash; her goal in life is to do good and make a positive mark on the universe. Her spirituality is paramount to any worldly concerns, and every deed is done to further her relationship with Kamali, the one true god.<BR>Alo possess a kind wit and gentle demeanor and prefers to settle conflict with words instead of violence and shies away from combat unless absolutely necessary. She understands the need for physical confrontation to maintain her standing as a leader, and will assert dominance when its needed. Alo prefers to make friends rather than followers, and is prone to forgiving easily.
Born within Mapiya to Kaliska and Inola, her upbringing was standard of a child of Kamali, the one true god. Famine hit the lands hard and Alo made the decision to head out on her own, seeking greater fortune elsewhere and hoping to spread the world of Kamali and the virtuous life.
<b>Father:</b>Inola<BR><b>Mother:</b> Kaliska<BR><b>Siblings:</b> Tula (f), Tiva (m), Aponi (f)
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