Profile of Hiraeth: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Hiraeth
Subspecies: Vancouver Island wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (February 2nd, 2011)
Birthplace: Pacific Rim National Park
At A Glance
A girl with a small frame, her sandy fur patterned with an agouti pattern and seemingly unkempt; her gray eyes don't seem to reflect much light. Usually, she has a hesitant, skittish demeanor, but that can change very quickly...
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Profile of Hiraeth: Details
A sylphlike girl, small for a wolf. Her fur is largely a pale, sandy color with darkened agouti patterns along her back and down to her tail. Her eyes are a matte gray color.
Hesitant, soft-spoken, easily distracted, and somewhat skittish. She means well, but she is slow to develop trust so she often seems standoffish. Sometimes, however, she is overtaken with feeling that largely rewrite how she acts around others: calm, contrary, vehement, etc.
Hiraeth grew up in a pack native to the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island. Standoffish and quiet, she was always the odd one out. When she was six months old, she confided in her brother: she believed that she was haunted by spirits, who occasionally caused her to act out. Eppes did not believe her, but there was a sensitivity to her that was unsettling, and her moods were erratic. This created a rift between her and the rest of the pack—including her parents, who often concluded that "the girl just isn't right"—and a few months after her first birthday, it was suggested that she try to find her own way. Rather than cause a scene, Hiraeth agreed to leave. Eppes, however, was outraged and cursed the pack's cowardice, leaving on his own volition and accompanying his sister.<br><br>They roamed the rest of the island, but winter came and Eppes developed the powerful desire to cross the channel to the mainland and find the edge of the earth where the sun rose. Hiraeth warned him against it, claiming she felt a bad premonition, but Eppes urged them into crossing. They were successful, but it took too much from Eppes, who soon died of exposure. After his death, Hiraeth was lost and unsure of what to do. The night after his death, however, she was visited by a spirit completely akin to her brother. Now she travels to fulfill the dream of her brother's spirit: eastward, to the rising sun.
Pack History
Parents are Nord and Sharisper. Had a brother named Eppes, now deceased.
Various ranks in the <b>Pacific Rim</b> pack <small>(02/11 to 05/12)</small> before leaving and being a <b>Lone Wolf</b> <small>(05/12 to present)</small>.
Profile of Hiraeth: Additional Information
Hiraeth believes she is haunted by spirits, usually somewhere around a half dozen which come and go and each have separate personalities and identities. The only steadfast one is one which she believes is her brother, Eppes. She attributes her switches in mood to being overtaken by these spirits.
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