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Basic Info
Full Name: Riordan
Subspecies: Great Plains Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 6 (November 2012)
Birthplace: Oileán Thoraí — Toraigh
At A Glance
Quite average, except also a little bit of a ginger. His name sounds like "rear-din".
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Profile of Riordan: Details
Ginger and gray, mostly. Riordan's sides and belly are a mixture of wheat and toffee tones, with cream dominating his chest, while a mix of platinum and warm grays appear on his face and dorsal side. His eyes are a pale yellow.
ENTP Personality Type (“The Debater”)

Quick-thinking, charismatic, and high-energy in his youth. Has since become tempered by responsibility and the traditions of his people (the same ones he tried to escape from as a boy); he is intolerant of spirituality and tends to push boundaries. Somewhat resistant to change.
Pack History
PARENTS: Berach & Chevonne
LITTERMATES: Kyran, Maura, Tiarnan.
S/O: None
ROGUE PACK (assorted)

>        Neimheadh took over the ruined lands of Toraigh after a great flood. It is said he fought off the spirits of the dead and the gods that were feasting on them, in order to do so.
>        The kings Gann, Sengann, Conand (son of Faebar), and Morc of the Fir Bolg each came to contest his claim, but were defeated.
>        Neimheadh died after his final battle, and the gods took the land back; they enslaved anyone with Neimheadh's blood inside of them and demanded tributes.
>        When the bloodline of Neimheadh rose up to take back their father's land they were nearly wiped out, but they succeeded in taking Toraigh back with the aid of another clan - the Tuatha.
>        The Tuatha had made an alliance with the gods of the wood but they were outsmarted by the trickster Bres, who turned his support away from them and granted it to Balor the warmonger.
>        Over time the families of Tuatha, Neimheadh, and Balor have fought, united, married, and died together.
>        To honor those that came before them, individuals are encouraged to learn about the many gods of the forest and to choose one as a mentor (similar to a spirit guide, totem, etc).
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