Profile of Artisan: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Artisan-Toulouse
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year (21/07/2012)
Birthplace: Montana
At A Glance
Artisan's most immediately noticeable and striking feature: the bright cinnamon patches in her mottled fur. They stand out boldly amongst her other shades and are often what others remember her by. She is known affectionately only to family as Lou, due to her double barrelled name Artisan-Toulouse.
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Profile of Artisan: Details
Artisan's fur is a brilliant mixture of mottled white, black and bright cinnamon. Her eyes are honey-brown with flecks of yellow and green which are only noticeable up close or in certain lights.

Her nose is slightly more upturned than most, creating a 'snub-nosed' appearance. She is smaller than the average Northern Rocky Mountain wolf; slight and agile, with powerful toned limbs.
Artisan is strong-willed and quiet; much more the thinker than the talker; poised and eloquent. She is sweet-natured and upholds values of respect and integrity. She is a fine hunter due to her agile and able body; she can get effortlessly run at great speeds and has good endurance. Although seeming aloof at first, Artisan is extremely affectionate and caring. Once another has gotten to know her, she is fun-loving and excitable, eager for adventure.
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