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Basic Info
Full Name: Hush Tolikna
Subspecies: Coywolfdog (50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf, 25% Coyote, 25% Husky)
Sex: Male
Age: 2 year (April 15th, 2014)
Birthplace: Somewhere a few miles west of Yellowstone Park
At A Glance
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Human Model: Luke Pasqualino

Hush is caught between a spectrum of sizes and shades. He is clearly larger and heavier than a coyote or husky, but lies in the shadow of any Mackenzie Valley, Northern Rocky Mountain, or Great Plains Wolf. His physicque is slim to the point where, even at the best of times, he looks almost malnourished. Nonetheless, his shoulders, neck and hindlegs are packed with muscle.

His fur is a dark russet known only to his husky relatives, his guard hairs tipped with black in a seemingly unfinished strip from his neck to his tail, ending in the black tip coyotes are known for. Silver, from either his wolf or coyote heritage, decorates his face and mixes in with the black tips on that semi-stripe. His eyes are a bright baby blue, another sign of his domestic breeding.

Hush is a mute - he cannot speak a single word due to damaged vocal chords, but he can make noises: grunts, coughs, snarls, and (toneless) howls. The closest thing he can get to speech is a strange rattling noise. He also makes this sound when he laughs.
Born the younger illegitimate child to a coyotedog father and wolf mother, he and his sister Quiet were both born mute, though he was the only one to whimper at birth. His father was a wandering coydog who just so happened to be nearby when his mother went into heat, and just so happened to disappear when she revealed herself to her pack to be pregnant with a hybrid's children. Hush and his sister's deathly silence at their birth was thought to be karma for their mother's fast ways, but Hush's quiet whimper saved both of their lives. Both grew up at the bottom ranks of the pack. They were not treated kindly, but not abused either. Quiet disappeared soon after the twins reached their ninth month, and Hush left soon after, following his unknown father's wandering ways, silently hoping he will find his sister on the way.
Pack History
Sister: Quiet
SLEEPING DRAGON — (1/21/16 - 4/2016)

LONE WOLF — (4/2016 - 5/17/2016)

SLEEPING DRAGON — (5/17/2016 - 7/7/2016)

DRAGEDA — Rauna (7/7/2016 - Present)
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