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Basic Info
Full Name: Whisper Omen
Subspecies: Great Plains/Arctic Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (1/3/14)
Birthplace: DeerPath Meadow
At A Glance
A beautiful silken white she-wolf with a fiery look and long long legs. She has a long tail tipped with black and black legs. She has burning amber eyes that have a strong fire of determination in them.[Image: yjLMC7V.png]

Art by Kaylink's Wolf Maker 2.0 :
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Profile of Whisper: Details
Whisper is a lean she-warrior with awe-worthy speed. Her lush white coat has some black streaks in it, and her long black legs compliment this. The tip of her tail is also black. She has burning amber eyes that show her willpower and force despite her tiny size. She has a black on the backs of her ears. Her claws are hooked and catch easily on flesh, another fact to prove she was meant to be a warrior. Her calves are muscled and well built, giving her a powerful jumping force to compliment her astounding speed. She is quite small indeed, but her speed and the force behind her legs give her an upper hand in combat with wolves who are large and slow. She can easily dart underneath them and hook her curved claws into their underbelly.Her hind legs have several scars, which she believes are just marks of honor. She has killed many males who have tried to take "advantage" of her because of her small stature. She is as fierce as a lioness though and has the willpower of one too. She is beautiful in a haunting way, her amber eyes fierce and stunning with power. Her coat is a silken white and is soft to the touch.Her eyes are black and flecked with white like the night sky. She is romantic and playful in her romance, despite her usually solemn personality.
Human Reference:
Art by: TendoraLaessa

Whisper is not as her name implies, for she does not get passed over easily. Whisper is a determined young one with a fierce personality. She loves leading others and aspires to be an alpha. She uses quick sharp moves in battle and relies deeply on strategy. She is not one to give up quickly and will pursue what she wants. She is stubborn but kind, and is brave. She was known as the "Little Knight" in her old pack, but was never given the opportunity to become one. Whisper will always find a way to help those close to her, of which there are few, and will stop at nothing to protect them. She does have a savage blood lust for those who disrespect her loved ones.
Whisper was born along with her littermates, Shade, Dusk, and Aloe in the spring, when food was plentiful and the skies were gracious. She was the runt and born spindly, with long legs and a thin, petite body. She was faster than any of the wolves in her pack though, which was an advantage. She wanted to become a warrior of her pack, but was given the role of huntress because of her speed. She was infuriated with this and, when her and her alpha couldn't come to agreement, challenged him. She took severe blows to her haunches from this and was set back to the rank of omega. She left her pack and trained to become smarter, faster, and stronger. She made a vow that if she ever crossed his path again, she would take the light from his eyes. She wandered, living in certain territories for a while before deciding to just free roam. She felt, although she had hated her last pack, lost without other wolves. She set off in a journey to find others to converse with, even if she wasn't part of a pack. She arrived in the Teekon Wilds when wandering in her search for others of her kind.
Pack History
Mother-SageDust Omen
Father-NightSprings Omen
Littermates-Shade Omen, Dusk Omen, Aloe Omen
Mate- N/A
Pups- N/A
Lone Wolf
Dark Brotherhood Theta
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