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Antares Endore
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Basic Info
Full Name: Antares Endore FeralHeart
Subspecies: canis lupus tundrarum x canis lupus occidentalis
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (04-07-2011)
Birthplace: The Palisade
At A Glance
He is a mixture of browns and creams with bright blue eyes. He has a strong build like his father with the same sort of air of nobility that his mother has.
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He has medium, grey brown fur with dark grey on his shoulders, back and rump which also is sprinkled with cinnamon red as are his back legs. His face is masked in brown and warm red with white eyebrows, muzzle and cheeks. His throat, legs, inside of his ears, and stomach are all creamy white. His eyes are a bright, handsome blue like a crystal clear lake.<BR><Img src=>
Raised by a rather elitist mother, Antares was raised with the belief that his family's blood is superior to all else. He is passionate and fierce, thanks in part to his father Auryn, but not without his share of Mommy issues. He is an intellectual boy who in an effort to prove himself struck out on his own from his family.
Antares history begins long before his birth in the Salvaje Valley. His parents relationship was passionate, but not perfect. They had founded a pack together called Angeni Sanctuary, and one night his father left to return to his business in the North. A few weeks later his Mother followed after discovering she was pregnant and refusing to raise their young alone, as she had been raised by a single mother. She lost this children, and he pack disbanded in their absence. Months passed and Salene took up another mate only to have Auryn return, changing the course of her life yet again. Though enraged, she could not deny that her heart still furiously begged for Auryn, and as a nearby Mountain erupted the two fled North.
In the months that came, Salene found herself pregnant again, but life was still destined not to smile upon the pair. As his fondest wish Auryn passed in battle defending their home. Salene leaned heavily upon the strength and wisdom of her brother Saeran Feralheart, the Cheif of the neighboring Stormspire. Her clan did flourish, though slowly. When her litter of five was born in April, she was pleased that her pups looked mostly like their father, with the exception of one.
Antares was nothing of the child that his mother had hoped and longed for. His childhood was filled with tests and the fruit of his mother's complex regarding her own father. Antares was born a nearly identical copy to his grandfather Kimoto, and while Salene was obligated to love her son, this did not make it easy for them to have a good stable relationship. Of his siblings, Antares was tested and pushed the hardest - he had to prove himself time and time again.<BR><BR>

It is one of these 'tests' that caused him to strike out on his own, determined to prove his worth in his Mother's eyes.
Pack History
Mother: Salene Eshe Endore<BR>
Father: Auryn FeralHeart<BR>
Brothers: Eirikr Aurelius, Eha Levi<BR>
Sisters: Rika Aryn, <a href=>Sigrún Chakra</a>
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