Profile of Skellige: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Skellige (skell-ih-guh) Cairn
Subspecies: Hudson Bay Wolf, Great Plains Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (10-13)
Birthplace: Warsaw Islands
At A Glance
A brutish inky beast with a faded rib-cage marking along his sides and rich mahogany eyes. Swarthy and coarse, Skellige is a daunting and sinister sight to behold.
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Profile of Skellige: Details
Large in build, Skellige is a hulking mass of muscle and sinew packed tightly underneath a dark pelt of pitch. He is a shadowy and vicious-looking creature of carnal power. The jet coloration does not fade from his figure save for the unique and praised markings that bear the name of Cairn. Painted along his ribs are the sea-salt rib-cage markings that base on his spine and spread like a skeletal paintbrush. His figure is looming and feral with wispy locks of dark fur that stand ragged along his neck and shoulders. Though he takes on the form of a wraith, his face is adorned with formidable mahogany colored eyes and a roguish expression. Due to a vicious bear attack, Skellige sports a jagged scar along his shoulder and a deep notch in his muzzle. In colder months, he will fight against a limp in that limb.
Disquieting and savage, Skellige is a wicked beast. His nature is violent and unpredictable at best. He is uncouth and verbally domineering with the will and desire to physically execute his needs. Spiteful, malicious, and vehement, his forked tongue lashes like the crack of a whip.

He is the making of a warrior of the water. His entire life has consisted of extensive training and lashings. Due to his upbringing, Skellige has an unnatural and possessive hold over all things pertaining to the sea. He believes himself to be the true vessel for the great spirits of his homeland, and he is quick to judge others who claim alignment with the waters. When near his environment of choice, he can take on several different moods. He is unpredictable - at best - but does take on a calmer nature when near the depths. Skellige still remains dominant and possessive of all lands touching the sea, even those that are not claimed by him or his brood.
Born to Bronislav and Serafiem, Skellige is the eldest of seven. He has one brother from his litter named Jaglon, and a sister called Ksenia. In another litter, he has two sisters: Leokadia and Ishild. A brother called Jagoda. The youngest is a boy named Szymon. In a strange turn if events, the Cairn family gained a half sibling through an affair. Bronislav mated another woman and she gave birth to Marbas sometime between Skellige's litter and Szymon's. The other woman was drowned and Marbas was taken in as a Cairn in spite of his bastard roots.

As of December 10, 2016 - Skellige had mated with the Jetsam of Blackrock Depths and she has given birth to four young pups: Kingfisher, Moorhen, Sandpiper and Redshank.

After their birth, Skellige took Sandpiper and Smokestep back to Warsaw with Deirdre, where they crafted a life for themselves. When they were a year old, he sent them back to the Teekon Wilds to reclaim Stavanger Bay in the name of their family and to bring honor to the Cairn bloodline.
Profile of Skellige: Additional Information
Skellige and his family are incredibly proficient in the water as both hunters and fighters. They were raised to dwell near the ocean at all times. All Cairn are seafaring wolves.

Also note, most of Skellige's threads will be mature. Keep this in mind before threading with him.
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