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Basic Info
Full Name: Giancarlo Ferretti
Subspecies: Great Plains Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (April 18th, 2012)
Birthplace: Saltlick Basin
At A Glance
Calm, collected, and ineffective.
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Profile of Giancarlo: Details
Possessing a pelt of deep charcoal, Giancarlo resembles a younger version of his father, Primo, before he began to wash out with grey. Undertones of brown lurk beneath, highlighting his base coat. His eyes are an oakey brown. While he isn't necessarily innately attractive (like his father before him), Giancarlo takes care of himself in that he is typically well maintained and groomed.

His build is remarkably average. Unlike the Ferritti family's formar patriarch, Giancarlo does not command the same physical respect, however, he does walk with a definitive swagger born from the prestige of the Ferretti name.
Will be expanded upon via roleplay.
Parents: Primo & Luisa Ferretti
Siblings: Cyril & Cecilia Ferretti
Offspring: Romilda, Stefano, & Carlotta Ferretti
Nieces/Nephews: Remmy Ferretti
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