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Basic Info
Full Name: Ezekiel Alder Manchester
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 Years (May 1, 2014)
Birthplace: Winter's Bluff
At A Glance
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Profile of Ezekiel: Details

Ezekiel is a large handsome male, with cold features. He weighs 110 pounds and stands at 31 inches tall, and 5.6 feet long. His legs are long and powerful, tense muscles ripple just below the surface. He was clearly built to be a mercenary, a warrior of fiery blood. His pelt and eyes are more of an icy tone. He's a stark grey color, silver and cloud colored in tone. He has a few charcoal markings, but the grey covers the majority of his body. A pure white lines his unders and extremities, silky as cream. His eyes are a pale light blue, cold as ice. His fur is thick and fluffy, one of the only soft aspects of his exterior.
- he has his fair share of scars, but most are hidden by his thick fur
Ezekiel is a stoical male most of the time, his voice is low and gruff, he doesn't smile very often except for a slight quirk of his lips. There are very few wolves who can make him smile. He's very serious and often quiet, he prefers actions over words. He comes off as a loner most of the time, he isn't fond of interaction and steers clear from it as best as he can. Towards strangers he's aggressive, towards enemies he's brutal. He has the personality of a warrior 100% and a rage inside him that burns like a fire. However he does have a soft side, that he saves for his pack mates and family. He can even be playful at times, and can crack the occasional joke. He's loyal to no one but his family, and always will do what's right for them. He would cross a desert and fight a war for those he loves, and he never gives up.
Ezekiel was born May 1st of 2014 in a pack east of Teekon Wilds called, Winter's Bluff. It was a strict, military style pack with cruel leaders that just happened to be Zeke's parents. A rival pack had moved in by the Bluff soon after Zeke and his siblings were born. While the rest of the pack was at war, his mother raised them to be soldiers the same way she had been raised. They had no childhood and often had to hunt for themselves. Zeke had two siblings, Johan and Gabriel. All three were raised for war and after a while, they were no longer the alpha's pups but soldiers. Completely expendable.

Taught to be obedient, taught that fighting and killing was right, the three were strong. Zeke especially, despite his muscles and massive size, he was light on his paws and clever too. His mother always cherished him the most, but not because she loved him, because she needed him to fight for her. Zeke knew she didn't love him, but he had his sister. Johan was very close to Zeke, and had always been a sort of 'in the wind' girl. She only fought with the winter wolves because her brothers were there. Gabe generally thought that he was doing the right thing, after all it was all he had known.

Zeke always seemed fine with all the fighting, but on the inside it was eating him alive. He hated killing, it made him feel bloody, like his father. But being a soldier he didn't question the authority of his alphas. Forever it seemed they would be fighting. One war would end and another pack would move in to challenge the winter wolves. The newest pack seemed stronger than the rest, Zeke's father was killed in a battle with the rival's alpha and his mother was outraged. She ordered her youngest son to kill the rival pack's newest litter of pups. Zeke did not question his mother and went to strike at night like the assassin he was. He snuck into the rival pack's territory and into the den when the pup's mother was out hunting and planned on killing the pups as they slept. But he couldn't. When he saw them sleeping there, he saw himself and his siblings, stuck in a conflict they didn't ensue. He did not return to his pack that night. Without a word he fled to the west, hoping he could redeem himself elsewhere.

Ezekiel came to Teekon Wilds, seeking a new beginning that he found with the Silverip Mountain pack. He came during a famine, that took the lives of many in the pack. It was a harsh time hunting and surviving but the pack made it through. Ezekiel made it to a high rank in the pack, and he considered the new alpha Steady his best friend. He took an interest in the young and beautiful Valette, and soon there came something between the pair.

On a scouting trip to find new territory for the Silvertip wolves with Valette, Zeke fell from a crag and hit his head. He had amnesia for about a month, and drifted away from Teekon Wilds. When finally he regained his memory, he was far from Teekon. He didn't know where his pack was now, or more importantly where Valette was, but he had to find them. He went followed his own trail back to Teekon and at last arrived there, beaten and tired.

He discovered that while he'd been gone and presumed dead, Valette took Steady as her mate, and she was rather angry at Zeke. If that wasn't enough, Steady died a few days after his arrival, Ezekiel didn't even get to say hello to his best friend before he lost him. The young man fell into a deep depression, having lost his brother, as well as his friendship with the one he loves.

After a while Ezekiel started to get better, and he rekindled his friendship with Valette. When she went into heat, he mated to her so that she could have the children she'd wanted for so long. Ezekiel was a soon to be father and his life was looking up again. Soon after that, he was offered the position of Beta in Easthollow and he took it gladly.

When the pups were first born, Ezekiel stayed away from them. He feared that somehow he would turn out to be a bad father, and he didn’t want his kids to be like him. He didn’t express much interest in them outwardly though he longed to be a family. Finally he went to Val to discuss the relationship, in hopes of being a good father.
Pack History
Ezekiel was born in Winter's Bluff to Bjara Calcitine Machester and Varrick Rodan Manchester alongside brother Gabriel Mordan Manchester and sister Johan Arya Manchester. After mating with Valette, Ezekiel is soon to be father of three pups; son Ezra, and two daughters Clary and Steph.

extended family tree
alive wolves on the tree are adoptable!
WINTER'S BLUFF 5/1/14 - 4/24/16 (Pup -> Xi -> Eta -> Gamma -> Beta)
LONE WOLF 4/24/16 - 5/28/16
SILVERTIP MOUNTAIN 5/28/16 - 10/31/16 (Zeta -> Epsilon -> Zeta -> Gamma -> Beta)
LONE WOLF 10/31/16 - 4/25/17
EASTHOLLOW 4/25/17 - now (Iota -> Eta -> Epsilon -> Delta -> Beta)
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