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Basic Info
Full Name: Astrid Nyx Apaata
Subspecies: 25% Arctic wolf x 25% Eastern Timber wolf x 50% Mackenzie Valley wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (10-8-2016)
Birthplace: Blackfeather Woods, Teekon Wilds
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Profile of Nocturnal: Details
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Nyx is a rather cold and dangerous young woman but no one can deny her beauty. A pelt of obsidian, silky fur falls over her feminine frame, making her near to invisible in the darkness of the night. Like the Deadric Prince after which she was named, she resembles the night sky. Her coat is speckled with a muted white hue to resemble stars, and this same hue paints a sort of eyeliner-like wing onto both of her eyes. The freckles trail over her curves, mainly on her legs, chest, forehead, cheeks, back and the upside of her tail. due to her complete heterochromia, her eyes are two completely different colors. Her right is a spring green hue, while her left is an icy yet dark blue.

Her frame is of average height, muscled, strong and well-fed. A killer, most could see, and she flaunts it whenever she can. A pretty face, long lashes and a rather seductive way of carrying herself. She also sports a small notch in her right ear and some faded scars, hidden by fur.

Human counterpart:
Natalie Dormer

A devoted creature, to herself, her mate and especially her pack. A leader deep down, but she is content in any position she may find herself in. Not very honest with her feelings, which makes it seem like she doesn't have any and she wants to believe that as well. A rather quiet individual, but when she speaks it is with intelligence and grace, demanding respect from all those who listen. She believes herself to be the incarnation of Nocturnal, Daughter of Twilight and the Empress of Murk - and thus shrouds herself in mystery and secrets.

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Tulugak is a mysterious, whispering raven who accompanies Nyx on her travels. He is observant yet rather prickly but the two creatures share a strange bond of which Nyx is not sure how they obtained it. Anyone is free to reference him in the background or atop Nyx when he is mentioned in my posts, or even spotting him with her (though keep in mind that Nyx is a Nocturnal creature and not often travels in daylight).
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Blackfeather Woods

The Melonii

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Mature Character Warning

Nyx is a mature character; when threading with her please keep in mind that sexual or violent themes may pop up. Let me know if you're uncomfortable with this and I'll adjust accordingly.
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