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Basic Info
Full Name: Szymon Cairn
Subspecies: Mixed (Hudson Bay, Great Plains)
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (January 2015)
Birthplace: Warsaw Islands
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Profile of Szymon: Details
Szymon is a hard-bitten, battle-whetted mariner whose steely musculature falls midway between the ectomorphic and mesomorphic somatotypes. He is violence personified, from the countless cicatrices that crisscross his flesh to the ready aggression that twists his lips and stiffens his hackles in times of duress. Szymon’s fur is a ghostly white marred by haphazard splashes of ginger and cream that seem to have no rhyme or reason; its texture is short, coarse, and bristling, with a gritty, ever-present topcoat of salt and sand. Apart from Skellige, Szymon is the only one of his siblings to bear the striking, salient rib cage markings unique to the Cairn family; they stretch from spine to sternum, vaguely resembling a mackerel tabby cat’s stripes. On Szymon they are an indelible obsidian and stand in bold relief against his pallid fur, accentuating his sharp, angular appearance. His eyes are a bright, piercing gold lined in vivid black that glitter with fanatic suspicion.

Below each eye are two vertical, asymmetrical scars.
Born to Bronislav and Serafiem Cairn, Szymon is the youngest of eight siblings. The Cairn family reigns over the Warsaw Islands, an extremely sought after territory in British Columbia. Warsaw is surrounded by four neighboring packs which are constantly at war, each attempting to wrench the island chain from the Cairns’ control. Raised in the heart of this viciously contested territory, the Cairn children were bred to be war machines hell-bent on one sole purpose: hold Warsaw. Unsurprisingly, they are an incredibly intense group of wolves, taught from birth to worship the Sea and to achieve proficiency in Her kingdom. They are warriors and guardians, hunters and healers, just as comfortable in the water as they are on land, guided by the denizens of the deeps.

Following Skellige’s failed assassination attempt against their sister Ksenia and consequential exile from Warsaw, Szymon left his post as a lowly dredge on the lowest rung of the pack hierarchy and set out to find the eldest Cairn. His travels brought him to the Teekon Wilds in the summer of 2016, where he helped to found Blackrock Depths and eventually rose to lead it in his brother’s absence. He found a mate in a scrappy little female named Doe, and together they adopted their daughter Qilaq and produced a litter of four puppies. Only two of them survived: a daughter named Julep and a son named Isengrim. In time, without Skellige to guide them, the pack splintered — and so did Doe’s psyche. Try as he might, Szymon failed to keep his family together, and Doe returned to the Teekons without him in August 2017, looking worse for wear. The tortured seawolf veered across land and sea like a ship in a maelstrom, searching for Doe or Warsaw with distracted fervor, but his travels have led him back to the very place he found and lost everything he loved.

In short, by this point, Sizzle has lost his shit completely and quite possibly warrants being killed on sight by the Cairn family because he never returned to Warsaw and failed in general.
Pack History
PARENTS: Bronislav and Serafiem
BROTHERS: Skellige, Jaglon, Jagoda
SISTERS: Ksenia, Leokadia, Ishild
CHILDREN: Qilaq, Isengrim, Julep, Whiskey, Unnamed Female
        April 2016 — July 31, 2016
        Guyot · Argosy · Leviathan
        February 1, 2017 — PRESENT
Profile of Szymon: Additional Information
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Szymon’s human model is Garrett Hedlund as Jack Mercer in the movie “Four Brothers” — voice and face.
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