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Basic Info
Full Name: Heartha Grebel
Subspecies: Eastern Timber
Sex: Female
Age: (6 (November 2011))
Birthplace: Black River State Forest
At A Glance
A pale wolf with brown eyes and grey along their back and their face.
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Profile of Heartha: Details
White pelt color with light grey color on top and face mask. She has almond-brown eyes. A bullet hole is through her left ear.
Heartha is a doting mother. She is caring, protective and strict when it comes to teaching pups right and wrong. She is also protective, but when it comes to fighting she is afraid. She is quite lighthearted at times.

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Inspired by Raksha (Jungle Book)
Heartha was a young mother. Of her first litter, she had two pups. Sadly, one of them was killed by a cougar. She was overcome grief and despair, neglecting her only pup. Until something came along that was unfamiliar to the pack. A creature with no hair except atop it's head. Immediately after seeing it as no threat, and against the pack's judgement, she took it in as her own. As it turned out, it was a three year old human baby that had wandered away during a camping trip.

She looked after the human boy for a week. Until they were found by humans that came to rescue the boy. She saw them as trying to take her son from him, and the pack defended the child. One it was over, she was forced to flee as the pack fell. Only she and two others survived. Her wolf child had not survived.
Son/s: Bramble
Daughter/s: Tulip
Mate: None (Bastard litter with Alder)
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